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I'm a student/ writer who seeks to become the best writer I can possibly be, and have success with my works, and since I am a writer and Psychologist in training, I make it a priority to be curious about the world, and the people around me, so therefore, I will ask a lot of questions, and expect the same of you, concerning me. Just about anything is on the table, and the few things that aren't are things I'll gently let you know that they aren't, so don't be afraid to pick my brain

I currently seek someone to share my experiences with, have ever since the one I call Rokoko passed on years ago. She has shown me much about this world and myself, and for her sake and mine, I will live my life as best as I can, and bring joy to as many as I can.

In any case, I like writing, acting, reading, watching Anime and good tv, walking around town, finding a quiet place and pondering the meaning of things, among many other things. I search far and wide for those troubled souls that require my aid, and will give all that i can if it means helping another or bringing them a sense of hope.

I do not believe in Atheism, as I'm rooted in the notion that there's something out in the world that has created this odd and mysterious thing we call the universe, some call him God, others Buddha, but something had to have created the world we live in.

In everything, there is an inherent struggle for balance, for without light, there is no darkness, and without love, there is no pain. I don't know myself if there truly is something that awaits us all after death, but in our heart we know, and when the time is right, all is made clear.

This is the knowledge that has been passed down to me from my travels and my time here on Earth. I have learned that whatever made us did not want us to waste our brief existence pondering why we are here. It meant for us to utilize what we have been given, and make the most of our time here.

To enjoy the time we have with our cherished ones. And to not worry whether or not we have a purpose. There is a purpose for us all, that much I know; when it is made clear, will be known when the time is right.

Note, this theme is only a place holder 'til I can figure out how to work CSS. And my Plushies names are Kamineko and Michiko (the Cocos), Mikoto (the Yeti), Sayurin (Marshmallow Snowman), Akari (the Mochi), Ryuko (the Gwee), and Miki(the Momo) Touch either, and you shall feel the blunt of my bat on your skull.*laughs*

If you wish to learn Japanese, please check out the blog I maintain teaching both the language and culture

Oh, and in case you can't see the multimedia, click here, and enter the address again. To get a deeper peek into my psyche, peruse My Various Test Results.

And just I so don't forget...
Koiyuki's house address is 27 Barton 001581


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`E c h e v e r i a Report | 10/06/2013 6:59 pm
Hey, just poking around to see if anybody I recognize is still active. sweatdrop Not sure if you'd remember me on this account, my older one was MalfoyKoibito.
Anyways hi~ (p.s. your profile is very pink)
TheGhostWhoWalks Report | 08/17/2012 2:55 am
You know I happened to come across your profile. lovely set of words you wrote. Not worry whether I have a purpose is something I need to work on.
Mokoni Report | 01/07/2012 10:33 am
Happy Birthday!!
Bokusenou Report | 05/23/2011 3:48 pm
Sorry for the late reply. College has kept me busy lately.

Wow, your blog looks really detailed! Parts are sort of technical, but it's well laid out.

I guess I always found that using media as a trigger for looking up words/grammar (or just randomly looking through dictionaries/grammar references) worked for me, but then again,
I found out the hard way that language classes weren't my thing (then I found All Japanese All The Time and found that immersion worked for me). I guess the great part about languages is the diversity of ways to learn them, isn't it... ^^
Pintendo64 Report | 03/08/2011 4:22 pm
not bad thanks! it has been a while!
i've graduated from university, got my honours in english lit which is great (: hasnt helped me much with a job, ha, as i'm doing freelance illustrating now razz
how about you?
Bokusenou Report | 11/10/2010 5:46 pm
Yeah, I gained an enormous respect for teachers after I was a tutor.
I wish I could be half as patient as good teachers are.

I'd love to see your blogs! I bet you're a great teacher.
Teaching a language from scratch is hard...There are so many possible things to focus on...Survival, business,specialist jargon, casual conversations,
understanding movies/TV/games/media, etc.

Good point, I guess Japanese people think if you go to America you'll get robbed,
come to think of it, almost every anime I've seen where they go to NYC has someone get robbed, and I've seen Japanese TV shows telling you to watch out for robbers when talking about NYC.
I've been to NYC, and while there is a chance of getting robbed, and maybe Japanese people need more warning since they come from such a safe country, but I don't think the whole "the world is dangerous and you should stay in Japan" attitude those things have is good.
But I also think media can have a positive affect on getting people interested in a language.
Look at anime/samurai movies for Japan, or Hollywood movies for America.
If it weren't for media, a lot of people wouldn't have wanted to learn a second language in the first place I bet.
Of course, media shouldn't be the only way to learn about a country, but it has both good and bad points.
Bokusenou Report | 11/08/2010 7:59 pm
You're planning on teaching Japanese?
It takes a lot of patience to be a teacher. (I know, I was an English tutor for a while. It was rewarding, but I don't think I could ever be a teacher)

I agree that there's way too much focus on badly butchered and dubbed shounen anime on American TV (Is there no American audience for shoujo, josei, seinen, or other non-shounen anime/manga?) but I guess that's what sells with 12 year old boys, or whoever the main audience for those dubbed shows are.
I find all that is a lot better than the "crazy Japanese game show" type shows though.
That's why I part of why I stopped watching TV in English...
Of course, Japanese TV has it's own issues with other countries.
(See: Mr. James)
So I guess it's a problem everywhere.

Hmm, I didn't know that the American Shounen Jump was still around. I stopped buying it after they started censoring the manga years ago and switched to Japanese manga.
I think they stopped publishing their shoujo magazine, but I guess shounen manga has a bigger audience since it's the only type most Americans know.

Bokusenou Report | 11/05/2010 8:40 pm
I think only one volume was published in English, but there were changes, and the English publisher and the Japanese one couldn't agree on things,
so the Japanese publisher pulled the rights and the English version went out of print...
I don't have the English version, but I saw a site where a Japanese fan compared the Japanese and English versions,
and the amount of changes were startling.

As for differences between the novels and the anime, I like the novels better (and I LOVED the anime) so this might be a little biased.
First of all, the anime was very faithful to the novels, but managed to have a style all it's own.
Action scenes like in the Coliseum episodes were generally better in the anime, but I felt the novels had a bit more "atmosphere".
The Land of Adults chapter was 80 times better in the novels because Kino was narrating (or more like reminiscing) and that just made it more personal.
Kino and Hermes seem to banter more in the novels, which I liked.
But the most obvious reason is, of course, that the novels are longer and more detailed, and include a lot of things the anime never got to.
(Like remember the old woman who trained Kino? We get to see some of her past in the novels. XD )
All in all, the anime is brilliantly thought provoking on it's own, but it's only a taste of what's in the novel. The novel just pulls you in.
It's too bad it's not really available in English. I didn't think some of the changes were necessary, but I'd rather I'd be published in English with changes then not at all.
I'd really like my English speaking friends to be able to read it too...

Have you seen some of the novel illustrations?
The anime's drawing style is really simple compared to the novel's style.

It's OK. I agree about moe/hentai anime being awful. I think it's the same for most media.
Movie studios make those big Summer action blockbusters with lots of explosions because they'll rake in so much profit, they'll be able to take the losses on a few "thinking movies" which will never sell as well, and which most people will never see, but the directors' put a lot of thought into.
Which is why most movies I hear about sound like the script was made from an "action movie Mad Lib" or something.
Anime's probably the same way. They make moe/hentai anime because it sells more than any good "thinking anime" (and then they can make and sell character pillows & other pervy otaku merchandise) , and then they make the thinking anime, which the directors' want to do,
but which likely won't sell enough to make a profit.

Which is why moe anime is a necessary evil, unfortunately.
Bokusenou Report | 11/03/2010 6:16 pm
Uh...Ok. There are a lot of intellectually stimulating anime out there, as long as one stays away from the moe stuff...
Anyways, I'm glad you're a fan of the anime, it's a shame it's not more popular.
Have you seen the movies?^-^
I'm a huge fan of the series and movies and I'm currently enjoying the Japanese novels (which go on longer than the anime, so I'm happy about that).<3
Bokusenou Report | 11/02/2010 10:00 pm
*looks at profile quote*
You're also a Kino no Tabi fan, I'm guessing? ^^


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