[ n a m e ] Rachel
[ a g e ] 16
[ h e i g h t ] 5'4
[ h a i r ] Blondish
[ m e m b e r ] 210754
[ m u s i c ] Rise Against, Basshunter, Jay-Z, Avril Lavigne, Hellogoodbye, Weird Al, Daft Punk, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Justin Timberlake, Sum 41
[ a r t ] Over 300 pieces
[ l o v e ] Music
[ m e s s a g e ] As long as you don't beg or scam
[ h a t e ] Mean people, inflation

I'm Rachel, I live in the lovely state of California, Northern part in the bay area! I love the little bubble i live in, it's a cute city and so pretty. <3

I'm harmless at most points, so go ahead and talk, I don't bite until i know you. ;D

I'm just a simple person, be nice to me, I'll be nice back, harass my friendin thier territory, I'll b***h you out. Don't judge me for who I like. I talk with everyone for good reasons so if you don't like someone i like, just never bring it up? Mmkay? Sweet.

I enjoy music, if you think I'll like something, send me a message. <3 I like all kinds.

Ps. I'm only here to be your FRIEND.


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Evil Zombie Girl

Report | 05/23/2009 3:58 pm

Evil Zombie Girl

Hiya ^^

Report | 01/27/2009 10:00 am


I dub you pure awesome because your ******** green!!!

Report | 10/22/2007 10:38 am


Hey cutie ^__^
Shinzu Fauks

Report | 08/01/2007 7:00 am

Shinzu Fauks

-Blows one back- <3

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Yay for another comment.

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Ok adding this for help


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