Hajimemashite and Konnichwa!!

I am currently a freshman in college (Edinboro university of Pennsylvania to be more precise). I am an Atheist, which, for thouse of you who don't know, means that I do not believe in God or any other divine being. I do believe in Fate, but I believe that our choose shape our own fates. I can be weird or hyper at times (but then again, who isn't). I like art very much (especially drawing), and I want to become a mangaka, or a comic book artist. I'm going to try and get some of my art work onto my computer as soon as I can. My scanner just needs to obey me Dx.

I am a very open-minded person. And sometimes, this aspect of my nature can make others feel as if I've offended them. I don't always have a social filter and can come off a rude of sensitive subjects to people. And I just want to put it out there, that I am at least 85 of the time either being sarcastic or do not mean to offend you or your beliefs. Cause being a stubborn atheist, who supports gay rights and can be very liberal at times... there's a very big chance that I've said something that you will upset you. And if you were insulted by something I said, I'm not going to appologize. Cause it's your fault for being too senstive. ((I'm kind of a b***h, aren't I?))

Recently this account was hacked and I used my sister's account to contact people about it. I was given the account back after the hackers were finished with it. I'm not sure what to make of the situation, by donations to help me get back some of the things that I lost would be highly appreciated!! I love you forever.

..::Special people::..
Melly GOREgeous: The best friend that anyone on this vast earth could ever hope for. And I was lucky enough to have met you. I would glady go through Hell and back just to make you happy. And you've proven that you'd do the same for me. We were made best friends because we'd be too much to handle as sisters. But I love you, Mel. I really do. Forever and always!

Hoshi_no_Yoru: You're the best twin sister I could ask for. Just when I would think that there was nothing that could bring me out of my sour mood, you were always there, saying something completely random that would cheer me up rigth away. You'll always have my gratitude and love for being not only a great sister, but a friend. Love you.

Rachel (no Gaian name available): Okay, so we haven't always gotten along in the past. But, hey! What sisters are perfect, right? But when times were really tough, you'd always take on your role as my older sister and help me out. You've been such a role model for me. I don't think you could even begin to imagine. Thanks for always being there for me when I truly needed you. I love you, Rach. I hope that you and Brandon will be happy together till the end of time and then some!

Saiyajin_guy: I've offically dubbed you "the guy version of myself" XD. It's probably why we've clicked so much. Though, as time proved to the both of us, we may have been more of friends than lovers. You were a great boyfriend, but you're an even better friend. You'll always have a place in my heart.

Son Goshi-kun: Even though I constantly mock your feminity and masculinity, you're a really great friend. Even though we're like polar oppsoties of each other XD. We've shared thing between each other that nobody else in the world know of each other. Distance will never be able to weaken this bond! NEVER!!

NamirOhkami: You and I have been through quite a lot over the years. But it's only made us stronger. You especially. I wish you could see just how strong you can be and just what you're capable of. You're one of the best friends that I've ever have. I'll always love you. So don't ever forget that!

Benny-kun: I haven't known you for very long (let's blame Jason for that XD ha), but I've become close to you in the short amount of time. I hope that you'll still put up with me and my weird moments, cause I still want to get to know you better!

karebarex13: You've been like the little sister I've never had (literally, since Hoshi is nothing like you XD). And then there were times where you seemed more like a mother-figure to me. Our relationship is weird. But I still cherish it. Love you, imouto-chan! (if it weren't for the suffix, you and Hoshi would have the same nickname XP)

Katrina (no Gaian name available): You have got to be one fo the coolest people I have ever known. I still can't believe that our platonic romantic relationship has lasted over half a year! That's longer than most of my other realtionships last XD! I don't know where I'd be with out. Oh, yeah. I would not be questioning my sexuality whenever you're around :winks: XD. Love you always! I'm still your self-hating lesbian XD ha ha.

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"All's well that ends..."

"If you hurt me once, how do I know if you're not going to do it again?"

"Everything looks completely dark. Your heart shuts down... and your words die." Fruits Basket Vol. 5

"If love is hurting someone until their point of destruction, then I don't want it..."

"Destruction of the World... a cruel way of proving your power or the solution to world peace... you decide."

"Love is just a game." Moulin Rouge

"It was a murder, but not a crime." Chicago

"Our hearts called out for each other, but our cries were so faint, neither one of us could hear them."

"Please believe me when I say 'I love you.'" Moulin Rouge

"If the world is a stage, then I'm the greatest actress of them all. For I can stand right beside you and pretend I don't feel a thing."

"Throw out those meaningless words. They only hurt me in the end."

"No day, but today." RENT

"I don't know if I've been changed for the better, but, because I knew you, I have been changed for good." Wicked the Musical

"I'll keep my thoughts to myself and I'll never tell you any of them. Because even if I were just to slip a little bit, you would find out that every single thought is about you."

"For the first time I feel :pauses:... Wicked." Wicked the Musical

"There's a girl I know. He loves her so... :pause: I'm not that girl." Wicked the Musical

"All I want is for you to hold me in your arms and tell me you love me, but all that I can hope for is for you to reject me completely so I can begin to forget you."

"How any times can I be broken before I stopped trying to put myself back together?"

"I sometimes wonder what you would think of me if I told you about my feelings. Then I forget everything and continue smiling like nothing's bothering me."

"A dream is still a dream." Ex Dream by Myuji

"Something always brings me back to you." Gravity by Sara Bareilles

"Some people run away to see who cares enough to follow." anyonymous

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I'm in the Art Arena. Click Here to see my work.

Uggh!! I pic of me XP.
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I miss you lacey sad
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More profile surfing!! You'll like this one! Funny sayings and hot Asian guys! (I'm pretty sure most of them are guys at least...)



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