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Hello everyone! A very warm welcome to u all! Thnk for coming to see my profile! U all must look very cool of course! smile

Let me introduced myself first! My name is Koaru. Koaru is my japanese name that my friends at Japan gave me! N I love that name! My favourite movie is animes! My favourite sports is basketball n badminton. I also love to play tennis too! My atitudes ... ... ... well I don't know how my atitude is but u all will know it! Hehe! wink

The reason I join Gaia was to make a lot of friends at here! The things that I hope was u all must be happy everyday! N plz if anyone can help me to get my wishish items plz get it for me! N also for the person who help me to get my wishing items i would like to say thnk you very much for giving me the special gift! I really like it! N don't worry i like u all too! Hehehe! Anyway that was enough for me! Hope we can meet each other at some places! C'ya! Hope u all have a nice day to see my profile! smile

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Aya_Natsume2016 Report | 10/06/2009 4:36 pm
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karebearie44 Report | 12/02/2008 4:23 pm
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karebearie44 Report | 11/27/2008 9:00 pm
do u still go on gaia
karebearie44 Report | 10/21/2008 4:59 pm
hi how r u doing hehehe my report card is going to come out today in the mail i dont know what my parents are going to say but i am really doing good in school so who cares lol
chidori_naruto101 Report | 10/11/2008 6:04 am
your pretty
chidori_naruto101 Report | 10/11/2008 6:01 am
your pretty
sheralyn Report | 10/05/2008 5:42 am
#Post this message 5 times and go to "" for 50k#
DM Quit Report | 09/24/2008 5:51 am
DM Quit
Hai. Selamat berpuasa di Ramadhan al-Mubarak... Mercun jangan main sangat tau. Umm awak amek exam apa? PMR ka?
Chieri Sonata Report | 08/20/2008 6:03 am
Chieri Sonata
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Aya_Natsume2016 Report | 08/15/2008 3:34 pm



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Koaru Kariya

Hi everyone! Nice to meet u all here! I will out for this few month cuz I had an xm! Sorry! But anyway if u had any problem just write in the comments box or mesej me! I promise i b back after the xm! Promise!And sorry if i made u all so worried bout me! I promise i b back after xm! K? Promise! And don't worried i keep my promise always, remeber? I will always cherish the friendship I had with u all always! And thnk for being my friends! I like u all to b my best friend! I mayb gone here but i miss u all! K c'ya again in gaia world!