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GOD EATER OP {Over the Clouds



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/SCREAM. emotion_dowant

Allo~ I am KnightsGuardian. (⌒▽⌒)/
Feel free to call me Knights, Ren, Dia, Manda - really, whatever suits your fancy. I'm in my 20's. I've been on Gaia since 2005. > wink I like cats and chocolate. Anything nerdy is loved. Naps are my afternoon delight. Caffeine is life and steak is the meaning. I laugh at my own jokes 'cause I think I'm funny, hurhur. I frequent Barton Town and fancy myself an Elite writer, but that's really just my opinion. I'm not picky about the type of threads I join as long as they're not modern or lacking a substantial plot. Usually if you can write something without me having to use Google Translate and you can give a hearty, well-thought out response in return, we're kosher. I like depth and conflict and character development. Plotting is my obsession, srsly. Give me nothing to work with and you'll likely get nothing back. Fantasy is my favorite genre but I also enjoy darker themes. I'm not opposed to blood and gore, either. I will do fandoms but it honestly depends on whether I have seen/read/played it or not. Ayashi No Ceres is one of my favorite animes but I don't think many people have seen it. When I write, I'm a perfectionist - we are our own worst critic, no? - so in one sitting a post usually takes me at minimum 9+ hours to write because I think really in depth about every element. I'm usually pretty thorough and won't post unless I feel it justifies the character and the story in some way. I'm stubborn as hell and will stick like cement to the threads I make /and join/. I'm passionate about my writing in a way that I want everything I envision to be personified. On that note: Feel free to invite my to your threads~ I don't bite hard. 8D;;;

I'm also a gamer. I mostly play RPGs because I'm lame at first/third person shooters. I pack a mean buckshot, though. Final Fantasy will always hold a special place in my heart. FF7 is my favorite of the series. The best characters I've seen in the series thus far has been from FF12, hands down. Balthier, where art thou? ´∀` Theatre is another passion of mine. I was in a couple of collegiate productions and it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done in the arts outside of writing. I, however, don't really like musicals that much. Aha~ I knuuu. c8<

I plan to someday publish heaps of books. One day. If I ever finish them.
Er, I'm a huge fan of Gazette. Always have been.
I'm a Christian.
Miyazaki forever. <3

If you want to know more about me, ask. I don't really know what to put here.


MY FACE. ・∀・

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*Much thanks to Lady Saxophone for the format. 8D;

Art & Signs!

Make me some? (clicku spoiler)

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^Thanks to Soap-a-licious! What an artist, ladies and gents!^

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^Thanks to POPPET! I can never seem to draw a horse.^ D:

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^Thanks to dearly forgotten for the sign. ^

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^Made by PUFFiiE! Fantastically talented, no? ;3 ^

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^Made by Emmaleth! Amazing artist, neh? ;D ^

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^Made by Keoji! Beautiful design of my character, Keir Rathebane. 8'D

Haha. I have that game sitting next to me right now.
That just made me want to play it a little.
I remember the days I kicked the crap out of Kuja.
Just obliterated him.

My favorite was Blank.
Mad love for Blank.

Yeah. Kuja looks better at the end.
Trust me.

How ironic!
I'm thinking that Kuja will be a hard Joker to beat.

I love Blank too. <3
He's awesome.
He kinda looks blind in that screen shot though.

That's hard to believe.
He looked better at the end of the second disk where he felt the blood dripping down his forehead.
Other than that, it looks as though he's a woman wearing too much make-up.
Kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson with the lips. xd

Ohhh... that was mean. I just accused him of being a child molester.
Priceless XD


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Thanks for buying heart
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Rydell Leox
You'd never be able to /a** kick me gurl.
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-boob grab-
Well if they're just hanging out.
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Miss you~
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Annabella Goddess Of Ice
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Well me and Avery are technically engaged.
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I don't have one.
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Yes yes it is.