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Kryptonian Clone

Report | 05/11/2017 5:17 am

Kryptonian Clone

Thanks for the buy, friend.

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heart heart

Report | 03/14/2015 1:31 am


I'm glad you've got yourself a better job!
That's great sweetie biggrin
And I've been in and out of trouble.
Trying to..
Just same ol' mischief, same ol', lol.

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Hey you! <3
What's crackalackin'?
It's been forevs!

Report | 03/10/2015 1:22 pm


thanks for buying... whee
ColorfulStars sz

Report | 02/12/2015 9:06 am

ColorfulStars sz

Thanks for buying!
I am one step closer to one item from my wishlist because of you!
You are amazing!
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Report | 11/26/2014 7:12 pm


The pay is good, the job is easy... the environment is mostly friendly and nerdy. I would have stayed there if I liked Kentucky. And if my temporary position didn't end. [violent sobbing] I do wanna work for my local Best Buy in the future, though. I'll have to wait. Besides, I'd feel more comfortable if I actually was certified to do something before tearing into someone's laptop kasdfjh.

I'm not good either--so let's RP together. 3nodding I phase in and out of RPing often. Like Gaia. You know how I leave for a while then come back? I tend to leave if I don't have a reason to visit tho pff.

But ZERO, YOU'VE GOTTA TRY THIS cOcAiNe! Nah, I getcha. DRINKING IS THE BEST PART OF BEING 21. I finally found the best sleeping pill and it is liquid and delicious. I don't drink enough to barf tho 'cause like. /why/. What a waste imo--I love sushi, too. But I've been eating that since... jeez... uh... 14? Young teen years for certain. I just always liked the textures and flavors. Plus they're colorful. They look so happy to see me. biggrin Maybe it's the wasabi or the fish eggs. Or the seaweed. You know what, ask your doctor before taking Sushi again.

KnightLord Zero
I have a problem keeping my shirt on...

↑ I am going to take this out of context so much from this point forward and just occasionally say it to you to remind you of this day. Hell, I might use this as my new signature. twisted

Oh good, you don't have to wear a shirt. I BET YOU'RE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT. It's ok, tho. I hate pants and shoes. Like I like shoes but I don't like wearing them nonstop. Esp at home. Ftw who does that anyway. ...racist? /shrug. I guess it's like... some people getting mad if a white person cosplays a black anime char or vice versa. I just refrain from cosplay unless I feel the /fandom/ that the character is from wouldn't react to it negatively--hence why I have only ever cosplayed Roll [Marvel vs. Capcom 3/MM8 uniform] irl.

Report | 11/26/2014 6:25 pm


Oh god, that's worse than when I worked at Walmart. gonk You poor dear, no wonder you feel that way ksdfjh. I'm sorry, man. Drama at work + that kind of treatment. Could only put up w/ that sh*t if I was desperate for cash. ;;

Yeah... things were just... talk to friends, draw, roleplay, play around on the computer and... uh... whatever else kids do. I was always ''sheltered'' in a way because I had to spend my time at home watching my brother while my parents were hard at work, often getting as much overtime as possible to take care of us and make sure we were showered with gifts for the holidays and stuff. Sorry you haven't had good experience at jobs... my favorite was at Geek Squad City in KY. Their breakrooms. ZERO, THEIR BREAKROOMS... one of them had all the popular game systems and cushy chairs and weird half-sphere chairs and lots of controllers and THERE WERE CUTE NERDY MEN EVERYWHERE, IT WAS INSTANT HEART ATTACK EVERYTIME I WALKED IN, AAAAA. ///////////

I got too anxious to socialize with anyone though, pff. Don't worry... I mean. Uh. Well. I worry about stupid sh*t at my age [like fearing my prime will melt away before I can settle down with someone and things like that, mostly girl sh*t], but THE OLDER and assumingly wiser people say we have lots of time and uh room for making ourselves have a good future. Believe in yourself. gaia_star
That was cheesy as f*ck and I am not the slightest bit sorry.

Aww... hope you can overcome those feelings. Oh yeah, I think I remember you telling me how much you could eat one time in old Gaia Towns, pff--ZERO LET'S EQUIP LIGHTSABERS ON OUR AVIS FOR NO GOOD REASON.

At least you have good memories to look back on, yes? 8D

Report | 11/26/2014 5:53 pm


AWWWW, YOU'RE SO RIGHT THO. You win this round, sir. xd
Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July are probably the only holidays I care about anymore. Xmas isn't that special since I'm a year-round gift giver type of person. xp
Man, getting a job is what like. Gives me life pretty much. If I'm not bringing in an income I'm super depressed.
But also not having time for stupid sentimental sh*t like looking for a boyfriend makes me depressed.
And not having Chinese food or hanging out with friends regularly anymore or--OK, it's a long list. Life sucks PAHAHAH.
Could be worse, though. I think it would be nice if I could have a free ride to a university and not need to work. Would feel like a teenager again. Not that I'm that old [21] anyway, just. Eh. I feel like the ''fun years'' were sucked away from me. Don't really realize how fast time flies until... it just does. ksdfkasdfj

Report | 11/26/2014 4:12 pm


Boy what I tell you 'bout callin' me hun? Lol idc man.
I'm doin' okay. Another day another, "Ehh when is college gonna be done so I can make an acceptable salary?" Wbu?


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