I'm a family-oriented, genderfluid mother-to-be. My hobbies include drawing, writing, gaming, and spending time with my fiance. This account is more recent, but I've been on Gaia since September of 2007. It's unfortunate that I don't get on Gaia much anymore, since balancing work and family eats up most of my time, but I still try to make time to update, draw, and catch up on role-plays.

I don't specialize in anything, as far as my art goes. I can draw pretty much anything I put my mind to, but mostly it's girly boys, and masculine women. (Boy, have I got my lions crossed. [hee hee, did you get the reference? i'm such a child])

Anyway, don't be afraid to drop me a message. I'm always up to shoot the sh*t, consider freebies, and meet new people all along the way!