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I may look sweet, but I am not. Arrogant, stubborn, reckless and frank- I do not make many friends. I have always been secretive and quiet with strangers, preferring to just smile when something happens amuses me- or saying a sentence or two to shut someone up. But the real reason for my isolating attitudes is that truthfully, I may not exactly be a good friend. I am a sadist, to be honest. Especially with my enemies. And I tend to act overconfident and childish, easily annoyed and sulky. I am immature alright, but that side only shows up when I'm used to that a person's presence. Despite my squirms, I like having someone to talk too- being lonely only probes the wound, as I like saying.

But when I do have friends, I admit- though reluctantly- my faults. I apologize. I smile and laugh, and even if the childish traits remain, it only means that I have grown soft to them (which inspires light teasing and insults). I show my feelings in different ways, after all.

I like singing. It has been a hobby since I was a child. My special talent. And I don't show it to just anyone, of course, though there are times when people would catch me off-guard. And I do not like getting caught of guard. Besides that, I can play the violin too. Music had always been the basis of my childhood. Even till today I carry that trait, that obsession.

I may not seem like an ideal person to be with, but I do have my good side. It just needs a little tweaking a bit in public.

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x MelSmells

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Hi thanks for buying! I hope you like it User Image

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Nice profile, and love the avatar. =)

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how ya doing? Thanks for the add

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yo yo yo yo yooooooooo how u doing plus nice pro
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Shadow of Arcana

hi! cute avi!


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