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White Supremacy is Terrorism, Terrorists Have No Rights In America.

#REALMONEY, End the federal reserve.


Not Atheist, Not agnostic, Not Buddhist, Not Hebrew , Not christian, Not Interested in any of it Broooo. if you wana talk about religion Lets talk about How many people religion kills each year.
( iH8Religion )

(VVVHealth sectionVVV)
drink at least a gallon of water a day Less or more depending on how you feel.
horehound prevents arthritis and bunions
echinacea good for lungs
osha also lung health
chia seeds omegas antioxidants complete protein
sunflower seeds soaked, and no more than 5.5 oz a day, to avoid b6 toxicity
hemp seeds omegas protein
flax seeds omegas
quinoa complete food starch fat protein
solomon seal good for tendons
dragons blood good for skin internal and external
(Hericium erinaceus) loins main mushroom brain health
sassafras acacia confusa Damiana mugwort Nicotina rustica < fun stuffs.
Lemmon grass
White lotus
Lingzhi mushroom( common name reishi mushroom) imune health
marshmallow root calming and good for sore throat
black garlic more antioxidants than any other garlic
turmeric good for brain helps prevent brain degradation also anti-irritant
anis star just dank
gotu kola, ginkgo opens arteries to the brain
black walnut good for killing parasites
cloves goof for teeth and pain killer
oregano anti bacterial
red clover anti cancer
passion flower anti cancer
replace potatoes with
yams & sweet potatoes
almonds good for skin and pregnant women best if made in to almond milk, to make almond milk soak for 8 to ten hours then poor off liquid filled with tannins and blend the walnuts in water until completely emulsified. then just drink or strain for a rich home made milk, make sure to blend with anywhere from 50/50 almonds to water or for weaker solutions add more water.
mugwort good for dreams
chamomile calming
spicy pepers antibacterial
hops high in estrogen good for women in menopause and also good fro aggressive males.. calms them down.
chloral oxygen blood builder
bladder rack cleanser
ginger cleanser
local honey antibacterial and if local provides immunity to flower pollen in local aria
lamb young mammal lower in toxins
kale just super dank
crab( high in heavy metals)
shrimp( high in heavy metals)
bison mind numbing meat
turkey relaxing meat
blueberries antioxidants
mango (acidic)
Black peper
anise cinnamon oregano za'atar coriander nigella seeds
Squash, Acorn squash preferably
Pumpkin, Including seeds.
If your gonna eat eggs go a head, Just don't eat six alone.
If your gonna eat potatoe chips Go for it! I personally don't like them, Though I bet you do!

I look really gay in this photo, Im blinking with messy hair, and purple eyelids ( not eyeliner) they are purple because Im high af in this photo.

(VVV Senseless blabber VVV)

Don't give away personal information on the internet, Don't Give out your password, And Remember if you give some one your full name on the internet then they can find your Social security number for two dollars on pirating sites.

Use your knowledge of the situation to keep You and your loved ones Out of harms way. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing the lot is not very dangerous at all, in fact more more knowledgeable you are the less you enjoy danger, And the loss of profits that come from wrongful action, if you have to use contrast between rich and poor in order to find value in your life then you are most obviously not promoting the value of life.

(VVV for republicans only VVV)
Congratulations, You Destroyed America, Oh wait, It was broken from the moment you showed up on this continent.
(VVVEthics of Adoption VVV)
Children need family.

If you adopt a child who has lost its family, Good job.

If a family is having kids and not supporting them, Then adopting their children will teach them that its okay to have kids and not support them.

(VVV Genetics VVV)
Children of murders are 10% more likely to kill some one, then people not born of homicidal maniacs.
Children born of rape genetically Recognize Rape as a valid means of reproduction.
Children Not born of rape are less likely to rape.

Pro life People should know Even if abortion is murder, In america Murder is legal.

H.R. 36, a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks, except in cases of rape or incest, has passed the U.S. House, and many pro-lifers are applauding. However, there are two groups of pro-lifers who are definitely not applauding: those conceived in rape and those who gave birth to a child that was conceived in rape. People who are against this bill are A. rapists B. people born of rape, Or C. people having children after getting raped. D all the above.
ECT to be continued.
(VVV Monetary issues VVV)
Money was only created in order to evenly spread resources, though currently it is being used in order to horde them this must stop, If we are to move forward as as evolved civilization, Though if we prefer remain no more then a pack of rabid animals tearing each other limb from limb, Then be my guest. we have been doing much to promote the idea that we are at the top, That we are a first world country, Though If we want the world to believe that we, are the best, Then we have to at least start with showing them that we are not the worst. America Is not a single party, Nor should it be governed by one. America is a conglomerate of every race on the planet, And we have to start By showing That we as a people can work together and stop all the meaningless bloodshed within our own boarders, If we want to make the world a better place We have to start closer to home.

(VVV How to handle idiots on Gaia VVV)
Most common line from idiots on Gaia, Also an example of cyber bullying, report things like this when you hear them said to you in an offensive manner:
"You should kill your self because you think your better then everyone!"
"You should die"
"You should... Blah blah a*****e blah."
If you cant think of anything good to say, Keep your mouth shut please.
If you can think of anything good to say, Guess what, Thats your problem.

People with a sharp sense of taste, Don't like eating things that are sharp on the tastebuds or the gums.
Henna leaves:

The leaves are an excellent diuretic; they reduce pain, are good for detoxing the body and can be used to cure constipation. Henna leaves are also used to treat skin ailments like boils, ulcers, wounds, fever, haemorrhaging and menstrual cramps.
Rose pedals good for heart health
chia chia chia

Use saffron as an aphrodisiac, to fight depression, for digestive disorders, to reduce muscle spasm, common cold, headaches and haemorrhoids.

Shoe flower:

Known as hibiscus, this flower is popularly used to treat headaches. The leaves are used as laxative while a paste made of the flower and leaves is used to treat cancer related swellings.


Ghost peper.... mmmm

Drink plenty of water, Tea and juice doesn't cut it.
thieves ( oil for hands and skin not for ingestion it was used by thieves to steal from the corpses of those killed by the plague)
stop gluten (wheat) this includes wheat pasta and bread, there alternative quinoa rice pasta, and there is gluten free bread, as the name describes Gluten is glue, why eat glue? , processed sugar super stimulant totally gross like crack, no more than one egg every two weeks, don't over do caffeine or it will make you shake. make sure to stretch and do yoga , or you will turn in to a humpty dumpty milty egg shaped human.

((japanese herbs)
(dried ginger rhizome
apricot kernel

asparagus root
black cardamom seed

bugbane rhizome, cohosh rhizome

Carmichael's monkshood rhizome

Chinese bellflower root, balloon flower root
Chinese foxglove root

Chinese wild ginger root
Chinese yam rhizome

cicada molting
gambier extract
gambier extract

gypsum mineral
hemp fruit

Japanese cornel fruit
Japanese pepper tree fruit

Japanese spikenard rhizome
Job's Tears seed

loquat leaf

notopterygium rhizome

pacific oyster shell
rushfoil seed, croton seed

sacred lotus seed

saposhnikovia root
sappan wood shavings
senna seed
sophora root

spicebush root, benjamin bush root

talcum powder

tree peony bark
turkey rhubarb rhizome

water plantain rhizome

white atractylodes rhizome

white mulberry bark

wild mint herb

bear gallbladder
Chinese cinnamon bark

Chinese liquorice root

Chinese motherwort herb

Chinese peony root

chrysanthemum flower

clove flower


cork-tree bark

dragon bone, fossilized vertebrae and bones
eucommia bark

evodia fruit

fresh ginger rhizome

gastrodia rhizome
glehnia rhizome
goldenthread rhizome
greater burdock fruit

ground beetle, wingless cockroach
ground sugar

houpu magnolia bark

Japanese ginseng root
Japanese hawthorn fruit

Japanese spikenard root

jujube fruit, Chinese date

kudzu root
lesser galangal rhizome

lithospermum root

mondo grass rhizome

mondo grass rhizome

nut-grass rhizome
orient vine rhizome

oryzae semen
peach kernel
peucedanum root
puncture vine fruit

safflower flower
saw-wort root, snow lotus root
sawtooth oak bark
schizonepeta spikes

sesame seed

skullcap root

sodium sulfate
swertia herb

tiger lily bulb
trichosanthes seed
tuckahoe mushroom

turkey rhubarb rhizome
willow-leafed magnolia flower
wolfberry tree bark

wormwood flower, mugwort flower

wormwood leaf, mugwort leaf

anemarrhena rhizome
angelica root

arisaema rhizome
atractylodes rhizome
cattle gallstone
calculus bovis
Chinese gentian root

Chinese knotweed root

clematis root

corydalis rhizome

ephedra herb

fennel fruit

houttuynia herb
Japanese honeysuckle stem

milkwort root, snakeroot

pinellia rhizome
polyporus mushroom

schisandra fruit

shiso herb, beefsteak plant

tea leaf

unripe bitter orange
winter melon seed

achyranthis root

betel nut
areca nut
chocolate vine stem
cnidium root
wolfberry tree fruit
gardenia fruit

longan fruit flesh
astragalus root

Chinese angelica root
Japanese water lily rhizome
trichosanthes root

aged mikan orange peel

bamboo shavings
bupleurum root
Chinese plantain seed

forsythia fruit
ginseng root

jujube seed, Chinese date seed
fritillaria bulb))
(((Philipino medicine ( Akapulko (Cassia alata) a medicinal plant called "ringworm bush or schrub" and "acapulco" in English, this Philippine herbal medicine is used to treat tinea infections, insect bites, ringworms, eczema, scabies and itchiness.
Ampalaya (Momordica charantia) Common names include "bitter melon " or "bitter gourd " in English. This Philippine herbal medicine has been found to be effective in the treatment of diabetes (diabetes mellitus), hemofrhoids, coughs, burns and scalds, and being studied for anti-cancer properties.
Bawang (Allium sativum) Common name in english is "Garlic". Bawang is a used in Philippine herbal medicine to treat infection with antibacterial, antiinflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-hypertensive properties. It is widely used to reduce cholesterol level in blood.
Bayabas (Psidium guajava) - "Guava" in English. A Philippine herbal medicine used as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, antioxidant hepatoprotective, anti-allergy, antimicrobial, anti-plasmodial, anti-cough, antidiabetic, and antigenotoxic in folkloric medicine.
Lagundi (Vitex negundo) - known as "5-leaved chaste tree" in english is used in Philippine herbal medicine to treat cough, colds and fever. It is also used as a relief for asthma & pharyngitis, rheumatism, dyspepsia, boils, and diarrhea.
Niyog-niyogan (Quisqualis indica L.) - is a vine known as "Chinese honey suckle". This Philippine herbal medicine is used to eliminate intestinal parasites.
Sambong (Blumea balsamifera)- English name: "Ngai camphor or Blumea camphor" is a Philippine herbal medicine used to treat kidney stones, wounds and cuts, rheumatism, anti-diarrhea, anti spasms, colds and coughs and hypertension
Tsaang Gubat (Ehretia microphylla Lam.) - English :"Wild tea" is a Philippine herbal medicine taken as tea to treat skin allergies including eczema, scabies and itchiness wounds in child birth
Ulasimang Bato | Pansit-Pansitan
(Peperomia pellucida) is a Phillipine herbal medicine known for its effectivity in treating arthritis and gout.
Yerba Buena
(Clinopodium douglasii) - commonly known as Peppermint, is used in Philippine herbal medicine as analgesic to relive body aches and pain due to rheumatism and gout. It is also used to treat coughs, colds and insect bites)

Police Should not be permitted to the use of lethal force. riot shields are bullet proof Stun batons are very effective, Stun bullets are non lethal, For ******** sake, You don't have to go around shooting people to invoke a sense of law.
Police in Europe Do not kill people simply because they are dangerous, they instead restrain them with riot shields, And sense guns are not proliferant in Europe Body amour is seldom required.

The majority of arrests are made by civilians, Civilians don't shoot first ask questions later Cops do, But cops Also Don't make the majority of arrests, just the majority of arrest related corpses. citizen arrests Often don't involve dragging a corpse to the police station, But for police making an arrest it may be a diffrent story.

More cops are arrested for non violent crimes then are for murder, from 2005-2011 49 cops were arrested for manslaughter (10 years) for Murdering innocent or non innocent civilians, The FBI in the same time frame Recorded over 2000 "justifiable killings" at the hand of the american police force. many of these include children holding bb guns and unarmed black men running from the police. Our countries law is a disgrace, Under regulated corrupt criminal system which is in place to keep the wealth in the hands of the rich, The true criminal master minds, Though Police Do mainly deal with domestic abuse cases and public disturbances , Neither of these situations requires a gun. In domestic abuse and public disturbances Guns are unnecessary, So why are they still using them in situations where things can be resolved other ways. Because It is their job to shoot people, A cop was fired, For being a good man, And trying to talk a black man out of suicide by cop, He was holding a unloaded gun, flicking his wrists at the cop trying to get him to shoot, Though this good cop, Was a veteran And was able to keep calm in battle, So he knew how to handle the situation, the two fellow officers at the scene Shot and killed the man, Mean while The vet who tried to talk him out of it, Was fired for putting fellow officers lives at risk, And recently A white cop shot a 13 year old black boy for holding a toy bb gun, He shot him multiple times, This cop was a veteran as well, Though Not the type to keep calm, Was this vet fired for shooting a young boy? when a cop was fired for not shooting a black man, No, He wasn't fired or charged with a crime, instead is being ordered mandatory counseling, I believe cops should not get counseling for murder, I also don't believe they should reasonable doubt at every turn or get 1 tenth of the law for murder, Cops who kill unjustly get A manslaughter charge, Ten years, and that is rare only 49 cops in a span of six years were ever charged with man slaughter, but thousands of civilians were killed, I believe Cops who commit violent crimes should be punished by the full extent of the law, Life in prison for murder seems like a reasonable punishment for cops that shoot unarmed black men, And Cops that shoot children Wether or not the child is holding a bb gun, Should be hung from the neck until death.

ANTI TANK STICKIES!!!! A drone, Or guided missile, Which lands on a tank, And sticks, by any means, Magnets are often unusable on tanks due to anti magnet coating, That can only be bypassed by removing the coating, Though Vacuum pumps or A latch on system are still valid, All thats needed is about a fourth of a gallon of thermite, Which is made of iron oxide powder, and aluminum powder, Which burns hot enough to milt anything, Technically this could work on titanium fighter jets, carriers, And even submarines for thermite once burning burns underwater. the optimal place for a anti tank sticky is on the motor casing, Full tanks, or ammunition stowage aria, If not any of this, Then fill a cabin with enough thermite and it will cook who ever is inside.


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States in red indicate states where corporal punishment is legal, places where teachers can legally physically abuse children as punishment

States in red are also places where it is illegal for parents to conduct corporal punishment, Places children can be taken in to foster care for corporal punishment, the same places where it is legal for teachers to use corporal punishment against students of their picking.