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K-Mart (played by Spencer Locke) is a young woman in Claire Redfield's convoy. In Resident Evil: Extinction, K-Mart explains that she changed her name after Claire and the others had found her in a Kmart store. She states she did not like her name and decided to change it because all those she knew from before the outbreak were dead. In the novel, her name is revealed, by Carlos and confirmed by K-Mart, to be Dahlia. During the events of the film, K-Mart is shown riding in the vehicle with Claire, whom Locke says she has a big sister relationship with. K-Mart is also close with Carlos Olivera (in the novelization and in the film's deleted scene, it is stated she has a crush on him) and Mikey as she is clearly distraught at both of their deaths. K-Mart bonds with Alice as well, giving her a bracelet and in the beginning of the film, explaining her name. Locke describes this as more of a mother-daughter relationship and that K-Mart "definitely look[s] up to Alice in this movie a lot.K-Mart survives through most of the film by hiding in the vehicles, although she does kill a few zombies. In a zombie attack, she is nearly killed by L.J. who has turned into a zombie himself, but is saved by Carlos. At the end, she is one of the few who survive long enough to depart in a helicopter piloted by Claire on the way to Alaska.

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, K-Mart has been captured by the Umbrella Corporation as part of its Arcadia trap where she has been captured to be experimented upon. She is rescued by Alice, Claire and Chris Redfield, but is at first too out of it to do anything. After recovering, she aids Alice in battle, knocking out Bennett and tossing Alice her shotgun, allowing Alice to (temporarily) defeat Wesker with a shot to the head. K-Mart later stands on deck with the other survivors and watches as the Umbrella Corporation choppers appear.





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Lady Experiment Report | 04/08/2012 4:31 pm
Lady Experiment
Alice nods. "but of course. Let's find us some food."
Lady Experiment Report | 12/01/2011 3:52 pm
Lady Experiment
Alice nods. "Alright we can stop and rest. But only for little while."
Forever Biohazard Report | 11/23/2011 7:23 pm
Forever Biohazard
ur very welcome! biggrin
Forever Biohazard Report | 11/10/2011 8:45 am
Forever Biohazard
happy early bday!
Rianoc Report | 11/10/2011 4:31 am
Early Happy Birthday in case I don't make it online~

(from I Project A l i c e I)
Lady Experiment Report | 11/07/2011 3:18 pm
Lady Experiment
Alice nods. "Good girl. Follow close behind me." Alice took off in a jog.
Lady Experiment Report | 10/20/2011 12:08 pm
Lady Experiment
Alice hands Kmart a gun and extra bullets. "I won't leave you behind." Alice smiles. "I promise."
Lady Experiment Report | 10/19/2011 11:35 am
Lady Experiment
Alice chuckles. "Silly... I'm going with you." Alice cocks her gun.
Lady Experiment Report | 10/08/2011 12:01 am
Lady Experiment
"Follow the sounds of gun shoots, zombie sounds, and blood.'
Lady Experiment Report | 10/07/2011 11:42 pm
Lady Experiment
"We are headed to claire and the others."
Lady Experiment

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