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hi my name is sarah and i dunnno what to do cause i am new to here and if some 1 can help me that would be nice thank you


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TheHottie99 Report | 07/06/2008 1:14 am
i would love to help u sarah
Lee296 Report | 05/11/2008 2:10 pm
Hello Sarah ^_^ You seem a little lost on Gaia so I thought I'd come over and give you a hand. Clutzy has a guild running called the A/M Theory. There you can talk about anime, manga, music and things in general. You should check it out sometime ^_^ Feel free to comment on my page sometime! See ya!
applebarrel Report | 04/23/2008 7:21 pm
Oh crimson I feel so hurt my sister get a hate message but i get ignored? that`s a shame I`ll just leave YOU a nice message on your profile then..

AND it seems like you STILL don`t know how to spell you might want touch up on that next time you plan to insult someone K?
crimson_pissoffx Report | 04/19/2008 9:58 am
ewww you nasty JEW!!!! I thought you were burned to death while I was gone!! User Image I got a girlfriend she was a jew and I used her so much she was hear broken then I told her I was racist and she was shocked then I beat the hell out of her!! I slapped her then punched her and walked away as she layed their in that bloody meotional broken state User Image I felt so bad and your next you b***h! User Image
Belphagorr Report | 04/18/2008 9:26 am
random comment
BeachGrl101 Report | 04/06/2008 6:36 am
+COOL hair clip!!+
applebarrel Report | 03/23/2008 12:37 pm
User Image
1princess of darkness Report | 03/13/2008 1:20 pm
1princess of darkness
try this out, send this to atleast 10 people and press F5. u will get 10000gold. trust me,it works
crimson_pissoffx Report | 02/17/2008 4:52 pm
Awww you family died in the holocaust. What a wonderful feeling I do hope they suffered a horrible death. I don't fear you jews and the time will come once again when you see us aryans reign supreme again!! wwIII will come and there will be a second holocaust all for your pathetic race. Were going to wipe you off the face of this planet for good out of history everything!!
BeachGrl101 Report | 01/12/2008 6:51 pm
lololololol o:


They're laughing because i said i love her
I'm laughing because they think i don't mean it

~98% of people say "I love you" and don't mean it....if your the 2% that do, copy this in your sig~


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