Lets Start Off with the basics.
im a happpy nice person dont want to offend anyone =]
thats the last thing im just stating my thoughts.

My name is Crystal.
Im 5'7" ishh
Im 15. :]
Im a go getter
I dont wait for things to happen I make then happen.
Im a firm Believer in fate and karma I will Never do you wrong, I have good intentions. Most people say im the nicest girl they ever met.. but ill let you be the judge =]] i dont hold grudges..I try to keep my relationships regardless.. im a peaceful person.. drama sucks. I try to stay positive even though bad things occur often in my life Through struggles I believe it makes You a wiser person and stronger. You wont always be the best looking the smartest or even the most talented but if its what you love then who cares you live for yourself. No body else. work at red robin in bloomingdale =p

Im say it like it is person... I love quotes. and poems .. I want to write a book one day. Im currently going to school in the fall for nursing. Humanity is of great importance to me. I dont need people to be happy but i like them around.

I like being around people that are chill. not stuck up or think that their better then anyone else. If you get embarassed at all for any reason i dont thinking well get along . because u care what people think.
Ha I think people think im crazy. and i quite frankly dont care. oh & I almost forgot when I get in my pms mood im extremely sarcastic and im a smartass. =p but most of the time im cuddly and warm and love the huggs

I love rock / alternative music. but i also love hip hop and classical .. =..
I like being outside and in the middle of the night. I have insomnia so beg ur pardon but ur awake in the morning. i think thats weird. lol

i wake up early when i have to. I do what I have to do. If I think it will make my life better i do it. I dont care what others goals or motivational drives are, regardless ill follow my own path and do what i want to do. but i encourage a persons dream.

if a guy decides im not cool enough for him then id like to question which god says hes on a higher pedestal then me. if i remember correctly from the bible every man is created from the same flesh and bone so what makes that one man more superior to me.? nothing just an ego.

so have fun with that. and tell me, how far mister ego gets u in 10 years. I dont think very far. youll live ur life by societys standards to whats right whats wrong whats "embarassing" whats "cool" and youll never be you . Enjoy being the prisoner of todays and tomorrows to the commercial way of living. =] i live by whats morally ethically right and by what makes me happy and free. not barred by a standard.

I know Im a pretty girl. But I also know Im not the prettiest. I have medium length hair and long hair with extensions lol. Of course granted I look better with long hair but whatever.. I cant make it grow overnight so I have to grin and bear it. I think even though Im not the cutest thing in the world I have a good personality and Im a dime piece just for that.

Many people think i lack intellegence. I love silly notions of know it alls who actually know nothing but a blink of an eye. they see what they'd like to see but dont notice details. I think those are the people that sit aside blindsided most of their lives until its too late. I pity your soul. Grab a book maybe youll learn to look outside the box. god bless youfor you have not blessed your own life.

Oh and by chance I do love and adore god. =] im not a weirdo about it . not that its weird to love god or anything im just not ocd with the matter. I just say a littkle prayer every night so my family is safe and healthy and happy and thats just the basic necessities of life i think matter.

I do make a wish every night regardless at 11:11. call me a sucker in believing wishes actually come true but I hope that maybe fate will occur. I believe in destiny and everything happens for a reason. there has to be a reason. god has reasons for everything I just hope at the end of my life i find the reasons. I know I have a reason for being. I know I will change things. ♥

I believe in love. and I believe love is the utmost important thing in this world if you live your life without love you live it sad anbd alone . I believe that once i find someone that i love. its a forever love . nobody matterss in my eyes just that one person. Its just seeing blank faces everywhere and the only one that could ever make me look fast is them the only one i could ever look into their eyes and know everythings ok is theirs. I just havent fdound anyone who makes me feel that way who makes me feel like i have that secuerity that passion. so I deny the ones that dont spark in my heart. waiting for the one who will.

sorry guys =] you can still try =p
im a deep person. my thoughts race alot of the time.
Im happy when I want to be, sad when i couldd care less.. I dont flatter myself..I have gone through more in my lifetime then the average 19 year old. but I know god makes us go through things we find challenging to make us wiser and stronger. Im goofy Im funny Im real. I laugh sometimesto hide the pain or when im nervous and ramble on IM A HUGE DORK, i smile alot. I dont want to be someone else. Im content where i am I just wish big and want something more. My heart is full of love i just want to love something important. if i choose to care for u. its real. I dont act like I care. I just do or dont .. im a nice honest person. I love writing and reading and the park hah.. music is my love, quotes i adore.i love working out and swimming.. I live to love and love to live. i love that peaceful feeling..when u know everything will turn out ok. I try not to stress myself. dont bring me drama, i dont put up with people that whine too much. I hate people that cry over things they can change. just get up brush urself off.. and live. i hate fear but thrive on passion . passion makes u alive it makes u feel. the ony thing stopping you is the doubt you have within let it go this is your fist & last chance at this life do it how u want and with no regrets I DEMAND respect, itll take alot for you to be trusted by me. I am predictably spontaneous youll have to find out what happens next i guess =] Books: Emerson-- Self reliance The Romance of Tristan And Isuelt The Lottery Rose Heroes Gods and gods of the greek myths Poetry by Andrew Marvell Poetry Of John Donne And All the Love Poems Books Are residing in my collection Dante Always ur love. Crystal ♥