Shinigami Yoshiyuki is the name. Remember it and leave it if you wish to live peacefully. Anyhow i love anime and manga, and i like to talk alot and make new friends. anyhow if wish to know more just message me. i don't bite lol

i read alot but only manga. mostly I"s would be what i would read. and there is a website where you can read manga. it's WWW.ONEMANGA.COM it's sooooo awesome you should try it manga lovers. it's free and you don't have to sign up for it!!! i found another one.....and it's ten times better..it's WWW.MANGAFOX.COM

cable and anything that interest me.....oh wait...NINJA WARRIOR and UNBEATABLE BANZUKE!!!!!. Death Note will reign #1

i love rock music because it makes me feel better when im feeling down. also i like hip hip. nothing big but beastie boys are cool. roar!!! yeah heavy metal bitches.....okay sometimes.