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ohemgee; it's lyke, kiwi's profile.

My name's Kimi. You call me kiwi, or buns. Idc which. Kiwis are basically the best fruit there is. Your mom and I agree that you're not special. I hate noobs. I hate beggars. I don't donate unless you're a flying purple polka dotted unicorn. So go start growing wings. C:
I'm a nice person, most of the time. I can't go a day without listening to music. Anything else- ask. I don't bite.

Reasons I will love you:
♥ you love kpop
♥ you love kdramas
♥ you love kiwis
♥ you love snapple
♥ you can write

[was previously named "noonadoodle"]

KIWIBUN wants ur artz!
from dollywhatsherFACE




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