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The Great Kiwi

So! You wish to know about me? Well then, you definitely come to the right place. For obvious reasons...O.o; …Ahem...Moving on. My name is Kyrie. And before you try pronouncing it and end up butchering it worse than a drunken—Eh you get the point- most people like to call me Kiwi. Hence my username. Now one would think that a body such as myself would be hyper-active as all get out since I was named after a Mr. Mister song…But I promise you that unless you catch me on a weird day, I’m generally pretty mellow. I’ve recently graduated high school (May 19th 2006) and am now attending college. I’m 18 years old by the way. I’m currently unemployed but I used to work at Spencer’s in the mall close to my town. It’s been a couple weeks since I quit. All right, I’d say that this is a pretty good ‘bio” for a profile. What do you think? If you’ve any questions feel free to send me a shout through Gaia’s wonderful Pm system.

<3 Kyrie
a.k.a The Great Kiwi


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Innocently brainwashed

Prepare to become a brainwashed zombie! Okay maybe not but either way you're probably going to get your brains bored out of you.




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^Tis I, the Great Kiwi!^