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Character Set Up

Full name: Ikkanzaka Kiwate
Pronunciation:E-can-zokka Ke-wa-te
Common name: Kai
Pronunciation: Ki
Nicknames/Aliases: Swift Gale

Age of soul: 345
Age of appearance: 17

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: White
Kai wears the usual shinigami attire, a black hakama and kuro hakama with his zanpaktou on his left side because he is right handed. On his left ear Kai wears a bar with a skull ear ring and on his right ear Kai has a full cage with a matching skull earring at the bottom. Kai also wear yellow goggle shades that barely tint his eyes away from others. But behind the shades lie his light brownish yellow eyes that shimmer in the light. On his face are two marks on each check that lead down into tribal stripe tattoos on his body(much like Renji’s but not the exact same). His hair is a cool auburn color that is keep just short enough above his shades and just at his neck. As for his body Kai has an athletic build but he is not full of bulky muscles anyway his muscles only stand out when his kuro hakama is off other than that he looks “normal”.
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Weight: 160 pounds

Kai is very sarcastic and blunt when it comes to his speech; always speaking his mind. His sarcasm usually leads him into conflicts which is where is overconfidence befalls him. Kai is light hearted and is mostly happy during the day but when night falls Kai becomes silence as he likes to stare at the moon. To sum Kai up in a phrase his charisma burns through the day as his silence loneness empties into the night.
Kai is much louder when others are around. When Kai is with other shinigamis his laughter carries out cause of his teasing of them. Kai enjoys his teammates and protect them at any cost. His loyalty to them may be far greater than his for the seretei. His boasting may even be unbearable during training and fights but still his hearty laughter can be heard. Kai laughs no matter the situation and is the one with all the jokes due to his surprising optimism. Under all of Kai, he really cares about his teammates and just wanted them to stay around where his old friends aren’t.

Kai never did stop moving as a child. His family jumped from place to place during his childhood so that he was affected by all worlds. His parents were from noble decent so the presence was needed quite often while they were together so they got Kai a dog at the age of 7. This was all Kai had since his older brother had died in some freak accident but Kai moved on strongly. Kai loved his present and spent every day with him after naming him Tetse. Tetse was a brown mix of a Boxer and a Rottweiler with dark brown eyes and a smooth coat. Tetse and Kai played together and did everything imaginable, they played in mud, they rolled on hill and even chased cats a bit. They grew so close that Kai sort of even looked a bit like Tetse. Tetse grew with Kai up until the age of 16 when tragedy strict. It was a dark night in June, Kai and Tetse were in Italy and his parents had left to visit Paris. A plot was formed to remove the heir of the Riobushas; A group of thugs broke in and attack Rio but couldn’t reach him because Tetse protected him faithfully. Rio later got away but lost Tetse and went missing. Because of his disappearance the authorities assumed Kai was dead and told his parents such. Kai struggled to live but no one believed he was who he said and so Kai struggled on remembering the dog that he left to save himself. Kai was stricken with guilt and died in an alleyway from heat exhaustion.
After arriving at the soul society Kai became close to some other struggling kids who unfortunately died trying to protect each other. Alone again Kai walks in the soul society until he ran into the wall of the seretei. A shinigami saw him observing the wall and approached Kai. Kai asked him what was within the walls and the shinigami told him of the seretei being a group talented individuals who help and protect those in need. Kai marveled at the shinigami’s response and vowed to become a shinigami so that he can protect those he cares about.
Though Kai's life was somewhat dreary and alone his life at the academy was filled with new faces and great memories. He had found purpose to his teaching and training which helped his goal to protected even harder. This push him so much that Kai excelled in class and graduated in two years. Now he awaits placement in the thirteen court gaurds.

Zanpakuto and weaponry set up
Name of Zanpakuto: Musei Kaze
pronunciation: Moo-see Ka-zay
Zanpakuto spirit description: Musei Kaze takes the form of 6 foot 2 inch man who appears to be in his 40’s with an athletic build. He has a white spiky hair, and a small fuzzy goatee. His eyes are a shimmery yellow color with light relaxed eyebrows over them. On the left side of neck lies a light blue lightning bolt insignia. Musei Kaze wears typical Japanese samurai armor, minus the helmet and swords, but in white, gold, and light blue.
spirit world description: Musei Kaze is straight forward and has little conflict with Kai. Musei Kaze has become wise due to his age and give Kai advice along the way. Musei Kaze has become nothing but dedicated and loyal. Plus Musei Kaze has interesting stories of this and that as all old people do. Musei Kaze is just like his element quick, cool, and fierce.

Sealed description:
Sheathed Form- Musei Kaze has a white and black wraps around the handle forming checkerboards to the end. The blade itself is about 2 feet. Below the hilt on the blade small dot line the back edge on the right side. Normal Sheath, and the string connected to the sheath is yellow.

zanpakuto Element: Wind/Lightning

Shikai activation phrase: "Winding wind cloak me with your veil, fade Musei Kaze."
Shikai Description: Kai's shikai is a black doubled ended scythe with the blades facing opposite ways on each end. The shikai is 5 foot and can be broken in two by Kai revealing a 10ft metal chain on the inside tubing which holds the two pieces together.
Shikai Attacks:
1)Inpei Fukumen(Hiding Veil)- Kai and whoever else os hold onto Kai wisps away and become invisible to the naked eye. This process takes a roughly 2 to 3 seconds.
2)Kaze Setsudanki(Air Cutter)- Kai swings his shikai releasing a gust or piercing sharp wind to cut almost any object
3)Kaeri(Return0-Kai's shikai can return back to his hand just at command. This process can happen within a blink of an eye.
Bankai activation phrase: "Become the Wind, Bankai, Musei Kaze Arashi"
Bankai Description: Kai's sheath and sword break away in the wind and become completely unseen. While in bankai Kai's zanpaktou are lightning shurikens that he can pull right out thin air. There isn't a specific size but small one take less energy than big ones. Before each "pull" there's always a quick half a second flash to show the pressurization of the air into lightning. These shuriken can also cause paralysis. There is no limit to how many can be pulled but there is a time limit on how long they last. Kai throws one and it hits a target and stays there for about 15 minutes before fading back into the wind. Since being made of wind Kai can also alter its course in the air before it hits and fades away.
Bankai Attacks:
1)Tensoku(Rule of Heaven)- Kai sends a barrage of shuriken at a foe in a violent crash.
2)Tsuiraku Denpa(Crashing Wave)- Kai sends a shockwave into the ground going for about half a mile entrapping those caught in a field of lighting.
3)Oiuchi Hantei(Final Judgment)- Clouds above the battlefield swirl to form giant swirling shurikens. From the center hole of the shurikens glows a bright light that releases a beam of lightning demolishing anything under it and leaving a crate 15 foot deep. After this attack Kai zanpaktou is automatically returns to its normal form.

Utsusemi- Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihou. It allows for a movement at great speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind.
Advanced Flash Step
Advanced Assassin
Advanced Strategist
Advanced Swordsmanship Capabilities
Haudo: Basics for Graduates
Bakudo: Basics for Graduates
Chiyudo: (only list if you are in squad four)

Odds & Ends...

Likes: Squad 6 & 2, Moon, Quite Nights, Friends, Social Events, Laughing
Dislikes: Bullies,
Fears: Losing those he loves
goals: Protect those he loves

Accessories: Earrings, Shades
Pets: None

Theme song: Leave Out All The Rest ~ Linkin Park


Bleach: The Arrancar of Hueco Mundo: Kiwate Ikkanzaka - Vizard Leader
Bleach: The Arrancar of Hueco Mundo: Kamille Terra Exailia - Squad 2 Captain
DWMA:Soul Eater-Airi Amailia


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