hmmm so you wanna know about little old me? how flattering heart
my user name is Kitya_ino and i only give out my real name to those privileged few
im in college and I'm a History and Spanish major.
I have a Boyfriend he has a gaia user which is heart Wingofthefallen heart
but currently has quit Gaia so he isn't on much

i love Books and i love writing emo
i have gotten feed back that i should change my major to Lit though from some of my Rpers
i am going to start writing journals when i get around to it

i love Manga and Anime
my faves is Skip Beat.
dont like it?
well to bad
i did say it was my Fav not yours gosh stare

User Image
This is my dream avi
Please help me achieve my dream

hehe well i hope you had an interesting time reading my ramblings for my about me that i only did to make the empty spot on my profile filled
bye byeeeee


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We've all been gone from gaia for a long time XD

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I'll see what I can do.
Anything in particular you have in mind?

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I can help.
These are a few samples.
There are probably more types in my post testing form.
Or do you have a specific thing in mind and you need help getting it right?

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Thank you for buying :3
Obey These Nutz

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Obey These Nutz

My name is Cee, its nice to meet you as well mam(:
Obey These Nutz

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Obey These Nutz

Lol iKnow how it, it'd be kinda weird getting a request from a nekkid avi, iWas nekkid cause iHad gotten hacked like two days ago, but im starting up this account and iWanted to meet interesting people
Obey These Nutz

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Obey These Nutz

O_o iDont know, you viewed my profile, iViewed yours, iRead your thing and you like writing, iLike writing too, im older than most the people on here and so are you so iDecided to send a request o.o
Obey These Nutz

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Obey These Nutz

iRequested you, yea

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Gah! Im sorry i have not posted yet. Ive been so swamped with babysitting my niece that i barely get on anymore. Whih sucks but luckily i have a day off tomorrow so i can post. Sorry for all the hold up. >~<