About me

I'm proud to be an oddball. I'm a dedicated writer and artist as well as an animal lover. Adopted when I was two days old, I am very protective of the little cousins I've gained from my adoptive family.
It's my dream to someday see the world, and I have had an obsession with flying since I was two years old. My favorite animal would be cats of all shapes and sizes, but I also have a fondness for bats, foxes, and ravens. I love studying a wide range of subjects including Gothic architecture, many branches of biology, mythology, psychology, and more. I am an avid reader with a miniature library in my room comprised of my book collection. Reserved and quiet, yet fun-loving and random, I may be among the strangest friends you can have (and I wouldn't have it any other way), but i'm also among the most loyal and understanding. cat_4laugh