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Hey everyone! I'm Kiitty Mennie!!!!!! I'm a 15 year old girl with lots of cat like quirks, thus the name cat_whee

I'm Asian cat_3nodding

Current relationship status: *Gasp!* That's private redface

Ethnicity:Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Hispanic, French, Hawaiian and a couple other stuff I can't remember. cat_sweatdrop

For safety reasons, I will not release to you my real name, though your more than welcome to add me on Deviant Art; CLICK ME <3
also check out my Wattpad! I WANT TO BE CLICKED TOO TT~TT

I like to Draw, Write, Read, Draw, Sing, Knit, Crochet, Dance, Cheer, among other things. cat_rofl

Thank's for reading and feel free to message me, I would love to talk to you heart cat_4laugh

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kyubii queen Report | 03/23/2013 11:05 am
kyubii queen
thnx 4 buyin'! ^_^
BlackLightCrossX Report | 02/15/2013 10:35 pm
i miss oyu too
cheekypie123 Report | 12/26/2012 10:27 pm

Thanks for buying. xp
Kitty Mennie Report | 12/23/2012 1:31 pm
Kitty Mennie
your welcome ^_^
Puffy Cottonmouth Report | 12/23/2012 1:29 pm
Puffy Cottonmouth
"Thanks for buying," Puffy coughs.
Kitty Mennie Report | 12/22/2012 8:45 pm
Kitty Mennie
Your welcome ^_^
And Merry Christmas to you too
itsinherdna Report | 12/22/2012 8:23 pm
thanks for the purchase and merry christmas biggrin
Kitty Mennie Report | 12/21/2012 9:14 pm
Kitty Mennie
Your very much so welcome
Shikara_01 Report | 12/21/2012 7:29 pm
Thanks for the purchase! 3nodding

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Mennie's Short Stories

A series of stories I create on a daily basis, I will probably continue none of them, unless asked to do so personally (that means some one has to REALLY REALLY REALLY like it for me to continue)

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cat_blaugh Welcome! To my store, Here I simply sell things I either bought, or got that I no longer want. Usually priced around the lowest price seen at the Market place. Im new so, I dont quite know what Im doing yet! cat_3nodding


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