My first quest currently is for a steel plated ninja band! 3nodding if u could help that would b great. even if its only a few gold. ^.^
My dream avi is an assassin. I think its really pretty and mysterious. if u dislike it well then thats really great for u.....but i dont need to hear it so keep those comments to ur self..of course if u like it feel free to talk to me. ^.^ xD

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Total Value: 8,329,036 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Demonic Pendant
Ancient Katana
Black Stockings
Beat Slim Black Shoes
Demonic Anklets
Nitemare Scarf
Black Ops Gear
Dark Star
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Silent Night
Black Leather Belt
Soft Black Underwear
Silent Night

Okay so now a little bout me!!!!
My name's Mel and I live in Glastonbury, CT. I'm 12 years old (at the moment) and in 7th grade. I have one annoying little sister and I basically hate my parents. I luv gaia alot, mostly because of the items! My fav animes are probably naruto and bleach. I also luv the twilight series. I luv to read and hang out w/ my friends. ^.^
I absolutly h8 ppl who piss me off.....i h8 those kind of ppl becuz they r fricken jerks and they just cant get a life >.>
but when i insult ppl...thats a different case xD >.> seriously though....it is...
Anywayz thx for visiting!


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this is mine! read if u dare...


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copy/paste this to 10 profiles and log off then log in and check
your money and you'll get 100,000 it really works
Envious Heartbreak

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Envious Heartbreak

Hey long time no talk..
I bet you have no idea who I am...o-o

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hi i know this is random but i just wanna say i like your stories they are fasanating ^.^

and sorry again i know this is insainly random ^v^"

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Alright you guys..What part of BANNED don't you guys get..

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Happy birthday ^^ Men ^^
Grim yark

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Grim yark

happy birthday ;3

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ELLO u dont know me!!!
Envious Heartbreak

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Envious Heartbreak

Hey! Long time no talk. I was wondering if you wanted to join my official Gaia Cheer Squad? I need the girls. lol :/
Misty Marina

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Misty Marina

Hi, Marina from the Allonsy Guild. Could you do me a big favor & post a vote in the avi contest in the Event Forum so a winner can be announced soon? I would really, really appreciate it!


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hey remember me?



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