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Last Login: 08/19/2019 8:27 pm

Registered: 08/09/2005

Gender: Female

Location: New York + Philadelphia

Birthday: 03/17/1990

Occupation: None of your bizness





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The Juice About Me

Name: It begins with a D. That Is All I'm Gonna Tell You biggrin
Age: 21
Birthday: March 17, 1990 (I'm a St.Patty's Day BABY!)
Location: Philadelphia
Ethnicity: Black-American/Guyanese/Chinese
Pets: A Betta Fish and a sweet Teacup Yorkie
Favorite Colors: Black, White, Red, Pink, Grey, Electric Blue, Purple, Neon Green, Pikachu Yellow
Piercings: 3 pairs on my ears, Bottom Navel and my tongue (rarely wear tongue rings now)
Hello there. I go by the nickname of Kitti-Morphine.
I'll never tell you my real HA! :3.
I joined the World of Gaia on August 9 of 2005 and I've been an active member ever since. Though many things have changed I can always find someplace on Gaia to spend a little free time.
Born and Raised in New York City and now currently living in the Northeast Region of Philadelphia. I'm 21 years and a college student, I frikkin love Hello Kitty and I'm a kid at heart. I like cutesy things but Shadow the Hedgehog is my main b***h! I love that frikkin badass of a Hedgehog<3. I'm very nice, I can be a mega b***h if you try to <insert curse word> with me. It's only if you rub me the wrong way or say something I do not like. I am an all-around, out going chick who is very different from the normal crowd. I’m a kind, open-minded, out going, considerate type of girl, but when I get pissed off, a little bit shallow and bitchy at times. I'm pretty weird and goofy and mostly 90% of the times always. I am easy to get along with as long as you don't piss me off beyond belief. The word "normal" doesn't exist in my vocabulary because there is no such thing since I'm not normal myself razz My taste in clothes style are mostly considered to be on the Alternative side. I'm also an artist, drawing is my life and I will forever stick to my talent. I can express my feeling in any way I want to draw. I am a junkie when it comes to video games and I listen to mostly Metal, Techno, J-Rock, J-pop, Rock and Industrial music.
If you want to know more, just drop a comment.

I ALSO DO AVI ART. If you would like one from me, Please Let Me Know!

*Will add more later*

Before Kitti-Morphine:

My old Username use to be/was XxX_SporkNinjaKitty_XxX. As I continued through the world of Gaia, I grew tired of my old name (especially with the X's) and changed it to the one I have right now. No, I'm not new to Gaia, it's the same old me...just with a new username.

Thank you

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Jakobu21 Report | 03/18/2011 12:37 pm
Im Good! And What about you?
Jakobu21 Report | 03/17/2011 11:16 am
Happy Birthday!! biggrin Hope you remember me
sentiare Report | 02/26/2011 12:24 pm
Thr33D33P Report | 11/12/2010 4:01 am
thanks so do you
sentiare Report | 10/12/2010 6:51 am
Well I am trained to handle such rigorous situations and continue my training. Im sure your avi is unique as usual.
sentiare Report | 10/11/2010 2:22 pm
I've just been busy round on gaia when I have time creating new avi's.
Taking CCNA 1, CCNA 2, Security plus, A +, all these classes for my MOS 25B.
sentiare Report | 10/11/2010 11:07 am
Yes it has been a long time.
I'm fine and yourself?
sentiare Report | 10/11/2010 9:05 am
StarNouveau Report | 07/12/2010 8:52 pm
no its ok. o:
im waaaay later. .__.
yes i know wat u mean by drama on gaia.:/
i find gaia has WAAAAY to much drama here.; - ;
Implanta Report | 07/07/2010 1:17 pm
why thank you biggrin