Helloooooo c: My name is Hanna, and im obsessed with bands. I fangirl with my friends when ever i can..
Anywayyy cx You're probably reading this to get to know me, yes? Great jUST GREAT. Seriously that's so fabulous. Im fangirling right now because my pierce the veil shirt just came in the mail. Okay, I'll tell you some stuff about me now.
My favorite food is pasta. Not sure why, I just really love it..
Also, my favorite colors are red and black. It used to be blue but you knowww now it's red. My favorite show is ADVENTURE TIME Cx It's the best. It's life. It's everything ok. Oh, and I love bands. Which ones? Oh there's sooo many c: I'll tell you them anyway. Pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, black veil brides, bring me the horizon, of mice & men, my chemical romance (cries), farewell, my love, asking alexandria.. and more. I also LOVE youtubers. I like shane dawson, joey graceffa, tyler oakley, pewdiepie, lisbug, christina grimmie, deefizzy c:, bryanstars.. and more, again. I really don't know what else to say, so i guess that's it bye c: