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I was sick of the old message so I'll just do an overview of who I am in a nut shell:

RL Name: Anthony
Occupation: Web Programmer / Designer
Birthday: April 8th 1988
Income: 35k-45k / Year

Western Zodiac: Aries
Western Element: Fire (Cardinal)
Eastern Zodiac: Dragon
Eastern Element: Earth
Favorite Weapon(s): Greatswords, Katanas, Guns (Revolvers to be Exact: Smith & Wesson Model 500, Mateba Autorevolver)
Political Party: Independent
Religion: Paganism/Personal Ideology Hybrid
Favorite Color(s): Red, Black, Orange, Lime Green (Odd eh?)
Favorite Bands(s): (In alphabetical order, bold for most fav.) A Perfect Circle, AFI, Alice In Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Children of Bodom, Coheed and Cambria, Coldplay, DevilDriver, Elton John, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Filter, In Flames, Incubus (I love Brandon...), KMFDM, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Nickelback, Nine Inch Nails, Oasis, Our Lady Peace, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Powerman 5000, Queen, Rush, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Temple of the Dog, The Beatles, The Fall of Troy, The Offspring, The Pillows, Tool, Van Halen (No Hagar Please), Violent Work of Art, Zeromancer.. there is a sh*t load more but a nice overview...

NOTE: Yeah, I know, 'The' and 'A' should not be alphabetize as such, but I'm lazy enough to let Windows sort the file system. f*ck off!

Favorite Game(s): Final Fantasy Series, Doom Series, Unreal Tournament, Quake, Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, Super Mario Bros 3/World, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda Series... I dunno, I've played alot of f*cking games.
Favorite Anime(s): (Ordered by Most Fav.) Trigun, FLCL, Gundam Wing, DragonBall Z, Sailor Moon, Full Metal Alchemist, Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure, Crest of the Stars, Chobits... well, thats enough of that, you get the idea.
Favorite Movies(s): Pretty much look to your direct left... Done! YAY!
Favorite Car(s): BMW Z4 Roadster, Mercedes-Benz R171 SLK55 AMG, Porsche 997

I'm sure there is more but I'm sick of doing this. So eh, I'm out


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iabiel Report | 08/02/2008 6:04 pm
Omg it has clothes!
Melpoclypse Report | 07/23/2008 1:24 pm
Airdweia Report | 06/05/2008 11:09 am
i would rather dream Report | 06/03/2008 7:22 pm
i would rather dream
Airdweia Report | 03/19/2008 12:25 pm
Airdweia Report | 03/12/2008 12:37 pm
It comes with the Assassin's Guise. There's also a knife, a sniper rifle, and a cloak.
Kittenloafs Report | 03/07/2008 8:36 pm
sh*t I need to vanish! Quick! Someone! Bring the bacon with the soap! ... I need sleep
Kittenloafs Report | 03/07/2008 8:32 pm
Look, I asked Sara down there if I should order a pizza (it WAS 10:56) and she didn't answer, now I'm hungry and domino's is closed. How do you think I feel? I'm pissed. My evening is ruined and I'm doin' more web work cause I get calls at 11:30 at night. WTF man, do people not sleep??

*poke* lol
Airdweia Report | 03/07/2008 7:58 pm
Airdweia Report | 03/07/2008 6:40 pm
...<<...>>...<<...::poke::...<<...>>...<<...::runs off::