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About me

Hi, I'm Acey, but you can call me by my usernamed Kittenflavored.

Here are some basics:
1989 | Nonbinary/Bigender | She/her | Gray-ace | Bisexual | Aromantic | Single | Monogamous

Here's the rest:
Extrovert | Childfree/Antinatalist | Dogfree | Antitheist/Apostate | Edgelord by association | Comic Artist

Things I like:
Birds - especially parrots and parakeets, heavy metal and progressive metal music, trees and nature, picking up trash, Star Wars, Good Mythical Morning, sushi and seafood, creepypasta, tropical fruits, rainbows, gore, bread and carbs, The Binding of Isaac, space, tea, collecting earrings, the color pink, Dr. Pepper, the name Maria, the Spanish language, Cards Against Humanity, Words With Friends, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Y: The Last Man, Kurt Vonnegut, calling people 'friend', throwing away or deleting things, Lake Kindred, top ramen, Google and Wikipedia, Asdfmovies, Devin Townsend, Adam Ruins Everything, Cary Elwes, death, modern science, linguistics...

*I'm not black! My avatar does not represent how I look at all. I view my avatar as character that I can dress and modify to be aesthetically pleasing.
oO Lorelei Oo
Just Call Me Shan
La Bijou