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About Me

Name: Kitten
Nicknames: Kitty, Kit, KitKat, Hikari, Hika, Cheese It's(dont ask), Vic Mignogna fangirl (XD)
Age: Too old to be called a girl, but not old enough to be called a woman.
Hobbies: Reading(manga), Writing poems/fanfics,Watching anime, and role playing!!<3
Fav Anime/Manga/RPs: Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Bleach, Fruits Basket, Code Geass, FMA, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Shugo Chara, Yu-Gi-Oh, and any other anime as long as I know it.
Likes: Sweets, RPing, Random things, Funny people/shows
Dislikes: Rude/Mean people

1. I do not add strangers. Talk to me first.
2. I do not donate to strangers. We must be friends.
3. If wanna Role Play, just ask! =)
4. You can leave a comment, but please be nice about it.


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DaggerStarlight Report | 11/05/2014 8:49 pm
cool avi
dreamweaver12344 Report | 03/11/2012 9:50 am
thanks for ignoring me
dreamweaver12344 Report | 03/11/2012 9:01 am
plz I really want to rp with u bc I loved rping with you
dreamweaver12344 Report | 03/11/2012 8:49 am
will u please rp with me?
Darth izzy Report | 11/03/2011 6:40 pm
Darth izzy
omg chii ive been messaging you on meebo why isnt you answering Q u Q
[.Silvr-Moon.] Report | 06/14/2011 8:32 pm
OMG hello there~! biggrin
alenakuzumi Report | 01/27/2011 4:49 pm
Thank you for the add. <3
atemu_pharaoh Report | 01/12/2011 1:18 pm
Glad to help ^^
Amandeeh Report | 12/27/2010 5:25 pm
Mews! Getonaims~!
Amandeeh Report | 12/24/2010 9:14 am

Hosts anyone?

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I Adopted two Hosts!
Name: Hikaru and Kaoru
Loves: Me, Haruhi, spicy foods, and pranks.
No Loves: Boring stuff.
Owner: KittenCandyUchiha
You wanna Adopt one???
Adpot One!

Currently Seeking: D.N.Angel Role Play

anime goddesses
sparks the britty
Rinku Everhart
StrawHat Nami
alchemyst 96
Wolf Nesnah
Sky aka Sora
demented soul Roze
Sakura n Tsunade
heart broken itachi 78
Misaki Asami
xX eMo NinJa blOod Xx
Chidarake Hime
sunny pebbles
Alexander Mercer

Yea a total Anime freak - gotta luv me ^_^

Love or Hate I dont debate you love you lose What's harder to choose? Happy Sad Annoyed Mad Luv life Life sux Never noing Never showing True Feelings Angered Hearts Life fall appart Ask, Answer Try, Lie Leave, Greive Ploy, Enjoy Shy, Die Lost, Found..Long Gone...Plz come back...

Blood shed upon my hands, listening 2 teh band dead Beating, Repeating I watch as you turn away Lashin, Crashin,Bashin, Tring, Crying, Dying Me helping, U yelping I see u far off in the distance,but it's not u Some1 replacing, retracing steps Becoming u as I slept..

Change isn't always good Love turns 2 hate, rage, lies, betral Lost, the ground spins my world spryrols out of control It's cold and lonely, All i see is darkness They're gone.. they left in my sleep now i weep...

I just wanna B loved plz..plz dont hate me just hold tight and never let go...

The 7 Parts of Accepting Rejection Rejection: You’ve rejected me once You’ve rejected me twice I took a chance And rolled the dice In your hands You held my heart I came back And found it torn apart Distraction: Now I see You were a distraction For when our eyes met It was like a chemical reaction I wanted you more Than anyone in the world All I wanted was to be Was Your Girl Cherished: You smiled at me And I took Your hand But at that moment You did not understand How happy I was Being so close To the one I cherished most Dreams: That night I couldn’t sleep For you see All I thought of Was you and me Sharing laughs And having fun I thought it was something That could never be undone A fake smile: You rejected me Respectfully But neglecting Wouldn’t look at me I wanted to cry Run, hide, and worst of all Die But I stayed tough And gave you a smiling bluff Giving Up: Though painfully driven Up on you I’ve given I’ll never show And you’ll never know How much I cared All the things We could have shared My Faithful Bond: Though I’ll always love you Now and Forever Alone this time I’ll solemnly endeavor My Love for You Shall always be strong And some happy day My life will go on

I Trusted You Dear Backstabber, Thanks for telling people I’m something I'm not I trusted you and you lied on the spot.Thought we were friends Looks like it's the end. Yea I got proof What you said ain't the truth You turned your back on me Now I see what a jerk you can be At first didn't believe the things that you said Then the words got stuck and stayed in my head But now that I know I just want you to go No don't apologize Cuz I know your smiling inside Yea I trusted you What you say ain't the truth Now I see What a jerk you can be Said I trusted you What u said ain't the truth Now I see what a jerk you can be So now just leave me alone No don't call by phone Cuz I won't pick up No you ran outta luck I honestly trusted you And can't believe what you said Don't talk to me cuz to me you are dead...

Letting Go I love him He loves me not I sat in my room And thought of a plot We were suppose to Be together Not stay Friends forever Before I confessed you knew the deal And I thought possible My dream could be real Indirectly You rejected me Finally you told me Face to face From that moment on I knew I had lost the race But for reasons I don not know I couldn’t Let You Go I held on and pressed My friends could tell That I was stressed We’re moving on To bigger and Better things And I know I have to take Whatever life brings You’ll move on I’ll become a thing of the past Thought this feeling In my heart Will Forever Last My Heart Will go on Though No longer Strong My weakness was you Sorry to say It is true The joy you brought me You can no longer see We were close And you were one of the people I valued the most I have to let go But I wish it wasn’t so So now someone close to me You will no longer Be One day you’ll see How happy we could’ve been It’s time for me to Give up now For I knew this was a race That I could not win My sadness Growing Pain and Heartache Overflowing I know you never meant To hurt my feelings But this pain is too much My happy mask Now peeling I have to get over you I will someday But for now I have one last thing to say “I love you, now and Forevermore, That feeling in my heart Will stay Always.”

Ok this was a letter i wrote 4 English class beleive it or not and I got an "A" on it sweetness see wating all that Naruto pays off. (These names are used as part of a real fan-fic my friends and I made Kitten, Amyra, and Kazumi so plz don't steal my idea thx) Dear Nara Shikamaru, How are you? What’s up well today I looked up and saw clouds in the sky they reminded me of you and your troublesome teammates. I’m fine but I’m a little bored. Amyra, Kazumi and I miss you all. We’re on a secret mission right now. I can’t fill you in on all the details but it involves the Akatsuki. Tell Naruto-kun and Gaara-kun to be careful. So when are you gonna see the Sand siblings anyway? Temeri said she was going to visit the Leaf Village for the upcoming Chunnin Exams. That reminds me you’re finally a Chunnin, congrats! I’m sure Tsunade has sent you on all possible missions. I liked better when Saratobi-sama was the Hokage. Now all of us Anbu are on just about every A and S-rank mission. By the way have you been on any A or S-rank missions yet? I hope we hurry up and get this Akatsuki mess straightened out soon. I miss you guys. O well we’re currently staying in Hidden Mist Village with Uncle Zabuza and Haku-kun. Miss you guys’ lots. Good luck mister big shot leader and tell your parents I said “Hi.” From, Uchiha Kitten P.S. Can’t wait to get back to watch the clouds with you!

I wrote this last year when I thought I was moving (thank god i wasn't) Moving So its Summer I’m suppose 2 B happy but I can't 4 all I know I could b losing all of my CLOSEST FRIENDS I can't I wont but, I might I cant live without my friends I've known most 4 so long I cant just leave u all b hind ur like a 2nd family 2 me and if ur not there 4 me I’m alone with no1 2 talk 2 I don’t wanna make new friends so plz can I stay? I don’t care if I have 2 runaway I'll miss u all SO much but plz don’t worry we can still chat now & then ...goodbye Love, Kitten What is love when love hurts What is life compared 2 death What is the point of love if it only brings pain, suffering, backstabbing?

What happened? Somehow I feel u betrayed me I'm lost deep within my soul Listening to to the sound of the sea The sound of crashing waves, swallows me whole Where are you? Where am I? I need your help! Don't let me die!! I'm missing you I want you back Just saying you care Doesn't mean jack! Hold me close I miss u 2 much I love you the most So let's keep in touch To me u mean the absolute world I'm happy just being your girl So I hope forever We'll have fun And be together ~ Love, Kitten :heart: