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    So, I'm generally terrible at this type of thing due to the fact that I normally don't have much to say about myself. Lists are easier for me.

    -Happily engaged to Naazir/Saul
    -Older than most on this site
    -I work a lot and am not on too much
    -Tend to afk a lot, but will gladly answer any message.
    -I enjoy RP, but I don't get involved with very many. This may change, though since I have been looking around.
    -Lots of games, but I don't find it enjoyable to talk about games that I play unless you are going to play my current obsession with me. I don't get much time to play either, so I never have much to say.
    -Most of my life circulates around work and my fiance. I try to make room for friends and will gladly be friends with anyone. Just... Please keep me out of your drama?
    -I don't like to talk publicly and most of my conversations are in private because people tend to assume things about me because of who I am engaged to.

    Thanks for the visit.

    -Kitsu <3