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Well i changed it around. Help me out people!I already have the hair and the tail & ears so yeah.All over it comes out to 126,695 so its all goodWell help guys aha ha.

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Read this or perish under my hand. I am Fox demon mind you!!

Hey people whats up. Yeah yeah you all love me^^ And everone knows I am a plain stupid girl who will do anything for a friend. Heck i helped my friend beat up a guy fer dumping her!!So if yall wanna talk pm me Glory GOT INTO IPOP WHOO HOO!LAS VEGAS B

About Glory!!

Hey you people out there!!!!>..< Names Glory and i am one heck a weird girl^^ KYA!!!>..< I love anime!!! MUSIC!!! Especially rock^^ If you mess with me your gonna die so dont mess with me. I will sick my master KIKI on ya and believe me you DONT want that haha^^ Well I am a nice person sometimes i like helping people making others happy and not myself. And yeha thats bout it^^ Also heres some basic info^^

Age: How old ya think i am T . T
height: 5'5 (dont laugh i short T . T)
Likes: Friends, guys, anime, music, movies, video games,dogs
. etc i cant think of anything else right now ^^;;;

DISLIKES!!!: People who are mean, people who call me a b***h cuz i like anime, cats, german sheperds, Sluty girls, Nick Bass(hes a REAL a*****e T . T) my life.

NOTE: If you wanna know naything not on there contact little old me ^^

BIG NEWS EVERYONE!!! COMMING SOON!!! A PICTURE OF ME IN MY KIMONO WITH MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORD WILL QUA>..< (kitsunehiro) We both love each other very much as friends^^ And also. A pick of my puppy boy spirit^^ haha

Also heres a note for all my real gaian friends that i talk to and such and such. etc. I may be leaving gaia during the summer. I cant say why but it has nothing to do with naything on gaia *bows* i thank you all for your kindness while i was here. So if i dont come back after the summer yeah^^. I just hope you all dont miss me hahahha^^ no need. Anyways pay more attention to the pic of me and my bst friend ever KitsuneHiro or Will comming soon haha^^
And heres a random thing i dont know why i feel like writing it

We were fine until that thing
For you i would always sing
My heart wept when you left
I felt that there had been theft
I searched for you

But you were no where to be seen
I longed to be by your side
During your long trip
my tears would always drip
Since you went away for a while
traveling very long miles

I couldnt reach you
No matter how hard i tried
I loved you you loved me
But you had forgotten me
It seemed my life would end
Without you there is no other life beyond the bend.....
of death.

My heart sank
like in a bottomless tank
filled with water
conserving my heart for another
I didnt wait too long
Then i would always remember that song
The one we sang together
I longed to hear your voice
But for me i didnt have any choice....
but to wait

Wait for your return
After a long time of waiting
I finally saw you there standing
Right next to me where you always had been before that time.
I was overjoyed i thought it was a dream
Truly it really did seem...
that you werent real
I reached out you held me
I had hoped that never again would you leave me.

My heart didnt hold any anger or resentment for waiting.
In you i hope
that i will never ever have to scope...
your werabouts ever again
You will be with me til the very end
You swore to me your loyalty
And then you said you would always just love me.
I remember you.
I longed for you
I waited for you
I had finally found you.

Happiness isnt something i usually enjoy
But to be with you is waht i will endure
I love you.
Always and forever more.
If you leave me again my heart would break intwo once more
and i would wait and wait and wait
for only your return
My special someone.


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cynthia072e1942 Report | 01/24/2008 5:59 am
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Cold Irony Report | 07/02/2007 6:05 am
Machika_2109 Report | 05/28/2007 4:16 pm
XxMichiko MalandroxX Report | 05/28/2007 8:03 am
long time no see...stay cool
x0x-Teh-Smecks-Bunneh-x0x Report | 05/08/2007 12:45 pm
hey smexc leave me a msg when u see this k well love ya byes
Cold Irony Report | 05/06/2007 12:54 pm
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Diet Bubble Gum Soda Report | 05/06/2007 12:50 pm
are you being
you havn't talked ot me
in like forever
haha i acted like a blonde ^_^
she's dead! crying
Luffy--1 Report | 05/06/2007 10:49 am
Hey im a little worried PM me next time ya get on biggrin
abnormities_come_2_meO_o Report | 05/05/2007 8:35 am
Hey Kit, where are you? I NEVER see you anymore crying crying crying crying crying
KazeOkami Report | 05/03/2007 2:22 pm
hey long time no talk^_^

This is what I look like a bit. The hair is similar to mine. ha ha. Its so beautiful i think. *.*

This pic is SO like me. Its like getting ready for a battle against teh bitches at my school sweet!!!

In the stories i write about a new life. I am a thief and well i control time and heres me "the Time keeper"

This is literally my life. Otherworld is the best thing ever. Its my inspiration for writing. It rules and end of story. I adore Otherworld!! LONG LIVE PRINCESS AARA!!!