"I'm not crazie! I'm just pathologically high spirited!" Wow...I have to type up another looooong thing about me again?well here goes...Ohayoo gozaimasu minaasan! Hey everyone! I'm Oniko and uh I am a fox demon child and a manga/anime artist! Also, because so many of you out there don't seem to know it, but I am JAPINO (Japanese Filipino) I'M NOT WHITE, YOU BLIND FLAMERS AND CRITICIZERS! ^^; Not much to say bout me really...well okay maybe there is just TOO much to say bout me ^^; ^_~ Well...uh...ja matta! Talk to you all later sometime!
I'm just me, and that I am..."...I'm psycho but cute... that evens out right? ^^;..."

Drawing (I'm actually an all around artist! I do MUCH MUCH more than anime and manga ^_^), writing, reading, singing, dancin when no one is watchin me usually lmao, kitsunes/foxes, ASIAN N FILIPINO FOOD!!!!, hanging out with my friends, uh I love a lot of things....etc etc etc Why not just talk to me and find out more yourself? ^_~ I LOVE SKATEBOARDING AND SNOWBOARDING TOO! heart I am also LES, got that? xd

Name: Oniko
Age: ???
Orientation: LESBIAN
Status: HAPPILY taken by BossyDame (my gf! heart in real life yes btw xd )
Occupation: Freelance graphic designer and mangaka (anime and manga artist), college student, programming liaison (I basically do most anything and everything at conventions xd ), guest relations, live programming, registration, dealership, and con ops staff member, Co-Producer and Hostess for Stage Zero, and all around fox demon child! xd

|G|I|R|L|S| My Anti-Drug
|J|P|o|p| My Anti-Drug
|J|r|o|c|k| My Anti-Drug
|M|U|S|I|C| My Anti-Drug

Click here to watch ExBoyfriend--Crystal-Kay
Click here to watch Cant-Be-Stopped--Crystal-Kay*
Click here to watch DDD-Koda-Kumi-feat-Soulhead*
Click here to watch Daisuki-Da-Yo-Ai-Otsuka
Click here to watch Pure-Eyes--Yuna-Ito
Click here to watch Ah-Ah--Anna-Tsuchiya*
Click here to watch Moon-And-Sunrise--BoA
Click here to watch Cross-Up--KOTOKO*
Click here to watch ZONE*
Click here to watch -Feel---DJ-Mocha-DJ-MAX-JP*
Click here to watch Sunglasses--Utada-Hikaru*
Click here to watch Miss-You--M-flo
More music to come soon...
*~I particularly love this one

Here are some "Anti-Drug" Banners and stamps I've made and also love... feel free to use them ^_~
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
I also take requests 3nodding If you've an "anti-drug" banner/stamp you want, message me and we can make arrangements ^_~

I also make Pokemon Trainer Cards! 3nodding
Here is one I've made based on me and for me (in real life xd ):
User Image
Finished Requested Trainer Cards I've done:
User ImageAmbokiko(Here on Gaia)
User ImageTangkat(On DeviantArt)
User ImageJrock-izm(Here on Gaia)
User ImageCrystal Blackfire(Here on Gaia)
User ImageKauritsuo(On Deviantart)
User ImageKasumi(My friend in real life)
User Image"Timmy" for Child-Prodigy(On Deviantart)

If you would like one yourself, let me know what you would like on your trainer card... if you would also like me to base it on your real life self or your Gaian avvie, please send reference with your request ^_~ Also let me know any other specifics that you want...

Pokemon Sprites you can choose from(remember you're allowed up to 6 pokemon to fill your slots and then one optional one with your trainer sprite if desired, like mine):

I updated my list of pokemon... so now I have all pokemon from #1-439... let me know which ones you want (give me the name and/or pokemon#, it would help me figure out which pokemon you want...)

Trainer Card Bases you can choose from:

My RP character:
Name: Kitsune Oniko

Age: virtually unknown and/or unable to determine... (though appears maybe to be between 18-21)

Hair and eyes: Long, flowy purple hair with deep hazel eyes...

occupation desired: None really, but was (and still is) an assassin and guardian for hire...

weapons: Can handle most any weapon really well...katanas, katars and jahamdhars (assassin weapons), monk's spades and cudgels, etc...was trained in many martial art forms...also knows how to shoot a bow because it is said that her mother was a shinto shrine preistess...She also has some deep magic power hidden deep within her...she doesn't really know how great tho...She is also extremely agile...

Race: Fox Demon/Human...father was a really powerful and well known fox demon deity/God...mother was a human and preistess at a shinto shrine hidden deep in a sacred forest that is closed off to the outside world...

any other things you wish to specify: Witnessed parent's death/disappearance when she was but a very lil child...lived most all her life alone...both fox demons and humans neither accepted her...the fox demons because she is a half breed and thought to be a weakling (tho it turns out she is one of the most powerful of all, with a hidden power to rival even that of her father's) and the humans because of her fox demon side...she once did meet one person, a really beautiful young girl who was a village cheif's daughter, who accepted her for who she was but that person died protecting her from some villagers and her father, the village cheif, who wanted to kill the fox demon girl because they feared she was evil and would destroy their homes...because of all this, she is more of a wanderer and tries not to get too attached to anyone (she feels guilty and responsible for the death of the one who cared for her the most)...loner...but really a lonely one on the inside...She is very smart and seems to know a lot...because of this, she tends to seem older and more mature than she actually looks like...leading people to believe she has been around for quite a looooooooooong time...Has a strong sense of morals and justice...is actually very nice...doesn't tend to show emotions tho...Seems like she doesn't care on the outside most of the time, but deep down really does...She just wants to find acceptance and a place in the world really...

Appearance: Seems mostly human, except for the fact that she has a fox tail and ears...not one really to show emotions...seems really serious and/or distant most of the time...Makes a perfect killer because she looks unlikely and unsuspecting...

Fanart and art of me (Based on my real self):
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image

My Gaia avvie (based on real life me when I had long hair, minus the fox ears n tail n the ninja band of course XD):
User ImageUser Image
Gaian avvies based on me and my friends in real life (most current look xd ):
User Image

Nana Cosplay avvies I've made biggrin heart :
User ImageNana "Hachi" KomatsuUser ImageNana OsakiUser ImageRen HonjoUser ImageNobuo "Nobu" TerashimaUser ImageYasushi "Yasu" Takagi

DNAngel Cosplay avvies I've done:
User ImageDaisuke NiwaUser ImageDark MousyUser ImageSatoshi Hiwatari/HikariUser ImageKrad
User ImageUser ImageRiku and Risa Harada

Yami To Boushi To Hon No Tabibito Cosplay avvies I've made:
User ImageHazukiUser ImageHatsumi
User ImageRirisuUser ImageSeiren

Read Or Die and Read Or Dream cosplay avvies I've done:
User ImageAnitaUser ImageMichelleUser ImageMaggie
User ImageYomiko ReadmanUser ImageMiss DeepUser ImageNenene Sumiregawa

Bakuretsu Tenshi/Burst Angel:
User ImageJoUser ImageMeg

Teen Titans Cosplay avvies I've done:
User ImageRobinUser ImageStarfire
User ImageRavenUser ImageBeast Boy

Street Fighter and Darkstalkers Cosplay avvies I've done:
User ImageChun LiUser ImageGuile
User ImageFeliciaUser ImageMorrigan
User ImageLilithUser ImageHsien Ko

One Piece Cosplay avvies I've done:
User ImageLuffyUser ImageNami
User ImageZorroUser ImageSanji
User ImageUsopUser ImageChopper


User Image

Fox Ears//10,000 Gold
Fox Tail//17,500 Gold
Steel Plated Ninja Band//410,950 Gold
Gold Mountain Uniform Pants//2,500 Tickets/5,000 Gold (rough est.)
Gold Mountain Red Vest and Shirt//10,000 Tickets/20,000 Gold (rough est.)
Black Tie//820 Gold
Black Leather Belt//1,675 Gold
Silver Wrist Watch//350 Gold
Cardshark Bands//6,000 Tickets/ 12,000 Gold (rough est.)
Gray Peasant Gloves//95 Gold
Striped Stockings//45,000 Gold
ZONY Discman//79,950 Gold
DJ Studio Headphones//20,000,000 (rough est.)
Angelbow(back)//14,000 Gold
Coco Kitty Plushie(Charge)//43,298 Gold
Gray SKA Shoes//1,090 Gold
Ace of Spades//8,500 Tickets/17,000 Gold (rough est.)
Solar Headress(Flare)//21,000 Gold
Guitar of Demona(Wing)//55,000 Gold
Guitar of Angellus(Wing)//50,000 Gold
Mochi the Puppy//16,000 Gold


Tickets Have/Tickets needed:
3,264/24,500 Tickets (Or 49,000 Gold)

Gold Have/Gold needed:
19,960/20,000,000 Gold (rough est.... mainly JUST for the headphones alone sweatdrop crying )

heart Those Who've Donated heart :
Shameless Poison: 1000 Gold
Chanceless: 50 Gold
Mieki-Neko: Gray Peasant Gloves and 50 Gold
Zacdos: Gray Peasant Gloves and 500 Gold
Kissbug: 60 Tickets
AmiBloodAngel: 1,700 Gold
WindGuardian: Gold Mountain Uniform Pants
DarkenedElf: Gold Mountain Uniform Pants
Natsumi_Takumi: 630 Tickets
Rio_chan: 500 Gold
ArtemisII: Gray Peasant Gloves
Kripto: 256 Tickets and 981 Tokens
Gilzaii: 2755 Gold
Rouse: Gray Peasant Gloves, 122 Tickets, and 150 Tokens
Yuki_Kammamoro: 300 Gold
Hakusame: 220 Tickets and 522 Tokens
AngelicDaughter5: 775 Gold
Oni-Krash: 1000 Gold
Megumi0San: 500 Gold and 100 Tokens
KitsuneNaomiChan: Gray Peasant Gloves, 120 Tokens, and 100 Gold
Dark_Mistress_of_Hell65: Gray Peasant Gloves
Ayako-sama: 330 Gold
Paper Heart17: 500 Tickets and 500 Gold
Orlantis: 3000 Gold
FeyDorian: 10 Tokens and 25 Tickets
The_fire_godess: 226 Tickets and 173 Tokens
Ambokiko: 1000 Gold


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Ramblings of a Psychotically Happy Fox Demon...

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Everafter Asylum

Report | 01/04/2010 11:57 pm

Everafter Asylum

I know we barely talked, but the other day, I was reminiscing and thought of you as well as Haru/Dylan. neutral I miss you?

(Gave this account away to a friend)

Report | 12/29/2009 1:54 pm


Hello there?

Report | 08/20/2009 1:45 am


there's something about you that smells funny, lol. I know you, and I added you, but you just declined it.
Nana Yamashita

Report | 02/22/2009 10:04 am

Nana Yamashita

Helo thar. User Image

Couldn't help but notice that you like Nana?

xD I loves nana.

o.o hope we can be friends. <3
Random Blitzwing

Report | 02/16/2009 2:58 pm

Random Blitzwing

lol i envy you to keep the Dark Mousy thing going. its good but not at all the greatest looking avi i have seen

i like the one piece ones though, the best ones i have seen yet. and your daisuke is a little off as well, but no matter he still looks enough like him.

i know your not looking for opinions, but i think your great keep it up and Fly on Forever More.


Report | 11/16/2008 7:30 pm


Great Pro. Who drew those avvie arts?

Report | 08/06/2008 1:00 am


I lvoe your avi and profiel its just so awesome! ^.=.^

hope we may be friends User Image
Amaya Tepes III

Report | 07/27/2008 12:53 am

Amaya Tepes III

Random Comment!

Comments=Love User Image

Amaya Tepes

Report | 07/01/2008 5:32 am


you wouldn't happen to know any jpop/rock songs now would you?

Report | 05/05/2008 8:06 pm


ONI!!! We miss you come back to us. User Image I hope we can chat agian soon. *hugs*

Missing you lots.



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