It's all about Me ♥
nickname: Tweety
height: 5'4
favorite color: blue
ethnic: asian
food: terriyaki chicken, noodles, ice cream heart
color: blue/green
most use words :random, idk, weird, I, omg, damn, freakin, awesome, hi, what, huh

Wanted! I need your icy tuna and will trade other fishies for it.
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My fishing records
My house link

About Me and How I am:
I am very funny, 60% brutal honesty, 56% bipolar, not very bright, book smart, very rude to naruto fans with a few exception of likable people, short term memory, easily confused, very slow and asks many questions, and takes thing very literally word by word. I can't tell if someone's sarcastic or not. I can't stand silence i will talk and talk until someone say something back this will annoy some people ( Dead Mollea says ). I keep my promises pretty well. I actually enjoy gym class unlike most of my friends.
I like nice peole although I'm not a nice person myself XD. If I consider u a friend then you're my friend no matter what u say, and i will give u guys present on your Bday and Christmas and Special occasions.

Tree astrology

Celtic legend has it that each one of us was born under a special tree.

I was borned under the cedar tree :
"The Confidence"
People born under this tree are creatures of rare beauty. They are good at adapting to all situations, but their favorite surroundings are luxurious ones.
Healthy and fit, these folks are highly self-confident and usually a little arrogant, with a tendency to look down on others.
It is very important to these people to impress others. They usually do, as they have many talents. They also work hard, make quick decisions and tend to have an optimistic outlook on life, although they are often impatient.
In romance, they are waiting for their one true love.

teentoday.co.uk friend quiz: Are you a good friend?
I scored 39 out of 75.

This means you're a good friend
A good friend is trustworthy, loyal, non-judging and fun and, as you must know from your test score, the list could go on and on. If you and your friend were both caught getting up to no good, you would probably sacrifice yourself and take the blame and if you had a problem with your friend you would talk about it with them and resist the urge to talk behind their back. You like to live and let live, indulge and be indulged and you believe that friendships should be fair and equal. You treat your friends well, but you're not a doormat and you only give what you receive.
You are a caring, trustworthy person and you do your best to be a good friend by being there at those key moments when a friend is truly needed! You would never watch someone you love in pain and sit idly by, but you must remember to keep your eyes open- people don't always ask when they need help! You find yourself thanking God for white lies because actually you're not very good at confrontation- 'yes of course you look good in that'- however, sometimes the mark of a true friend is the ability to be totally honest. Remember people would appreciate your sincerity as them themselves will know how much harder it is to say the truth, rather than the sugar-coated smartie version!

The truest test of friendship stems from Western legends- would you there take a bullet for this here buckaroo?! And you would take a bullet for someone you loved; you'd just feel a lot better about it if you knew they'd do the same in return! Keep up the good work.


My Life's Thought

This is basically just some random thing that i feel like putting on of my daily life



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Report | 04/14/2009 4:39 pm


woah... guessing you quit gaia T-T

well, i shall alwase remember you xD

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sorry its late, but happy birthday!
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Report | 02/09/2009 1:39 pm

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Happy Birthday Tweety! User Image
tadase-king chara

Report | 11/13/2008 8:33 pm

tadase-king chara

hello nice avi cool profile

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hey whats up.? saw u at the library today. User Image

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ha havent talked to you in a long time.

so.... HI!
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nice profile i like it hey lets b frends

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hey gurlie was up?


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