~Hyper active girl
~Bubbly personality
~Loves dogs especially pomeranians
~Has a 'bulu pulling' fettish
~Color paper fettish
~Adores the color purple
~Sony Ericsson supporter
~Enjoys walking on beaches
~Misses the view & air in Kundasang
~Puts others before myself
~Shops at Body Glove, Esprit, TC Girl, Radioactive & Nike
~Nike supporter
~Loves my baby *smiles*
~Crazy about chinese & japanese food
~Easily finds amusement in small things
~Believes in freedom of speech and thought~Christian!
~Puts hanging out with friends as first priority
~Goes shopping with crazy shoppers (like Tasha.. haha)
~SMS-es alot
~Wishes to be able to draw well (my drawing of a cow looks like a dog -_-)
~Amazed by artistic people
~DOTA addict
~Easily finds peopl adorable
~Likes throwing cute stuffs just to watch them fly
~Movie maniac (goes for movie marathon whenever possible)
~Basketball lover
~Liverpool & Brasil supporter
~Crazy about books
~Collects animes
~Starting to be a tea & coffee addict
~Believes in sleeping in late (beauty sleep ah)
~Adores Kaka
~Enjoys pulling white hair (those with white hair watch out ah)
~Eats reall slow due to chewing habit
~Average chewing is 40 times per mouth full
~Habit of saying 'meow'
~Calls close friends 'monkey', 'donkey' or 'mong dong'
~Likes biting things (you have been warned)
~Rulers and me dont go well together (i cant draw a straight line no matter how i try)
~Loves bubble milk tea
~Enjoys lame jokes
~Wishes to travel around the world
~Hopes to own a Honda Jazz
~Enjoys collecting cookies (i have a cookie collection!!)
~Proud owner of 2 tamagochis (im NOT too old for it *stares*)
~Cant sleep without my bolster
~Enjoys writing
~Prefers talking rather than chatting
~Easily approachable person
~Doesn't like tying up my hair *groans at college rule*
~First thing when i look at person is their eyes
~Has a great amount of patience
~Crazy about Baskin Robbins (Rum raisin & cookies and cream)


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hi, i entered my avi into the arenas... could u rate me pls? it's called ' the wicked snow queen'
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Ice Mav

hihi... this is Hot Mav.... the Hot Mav aacount has been hacked!!!! I'm using this account now..... Add me in this account.... thx
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Happy Birthday!!

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happy b day smile and amazing avi

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Copy and paste this to 10 people and then press F5 on your keyboard. You will win 10,000 gold each time you do it! It's worked 4 me, and it'll work 4 you
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Long Haire Lady

cool avi!

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smile hi to all smile

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