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My threads yo! (lol)

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The Facts

Hi, i'm Andrew Higdon and i'm 15 almost 16 years old. My favorite Naruto, Bleach, Deathnote, Inuyasha. I listen to just about anything but mostly heavy metal and rock(any kind of rock). I'm very outgoing sometimes, but i'm also a bit stubborn although i won't admit it. I argue alot unnoticingly and sometimes i'm annoying, but you'll learn to love me. I have blue and sometimes green eyes, quite a bit of freckles and blonde hair. I also wear glasses but i'm anything BUT a nerd. I'm kind to almost everyone except my lil brother John but he is my brother so i do protect him when people are rude to him , and people that make fun of me. Add me, message me, i'll message back. I don't know alot about alot of things, but if you teach me i'll learn sooner or later.^^ peaces i'm out.
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okay. This journal is my journal and has no specific reason.

just read them...unless their for getting gold...^^


i pirate walks into a bar the bartender asks " whats with the stearing wheel in your pants" the pirate replies ' arghhh its driving me nuts"

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