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Ha-low. I'm Kat :3

This is me:
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And there are more in my journal! Just click different dates to find them XP.

Okay...let's see...here's the basics:

My Name;;

is Katelyn. But you can call me Kat (if you know me from 2oo6, or I tell you that you can). If not Kat, call me Hitomi or Hito. I love getting nick names, so you can make up some new ones if you want. Just don't outright call me Kitsune X_X;;

My Age;;

is 16. Sometimes I hate it sometimes I love it. It doesn't really matter to me how old I am though. I'm just going along with the flow. I want to enjoy my youth while I can because it seems like adulthood is right around the corner v-v

My Aspiration;;

I honestly cannot say. I want to become a video game designer. But I also want to design and sell costumes, like theatre work and what not. As far as academics go, I'm pretty smart. I just don't apply myself as much as I should. I never study. Ever. Even for finals. In fact, I didn't study for the test that determined if I passed 8th grade or not and I got the highest grade in the class. O_o;;

My Hobbies;;

inclue many things. I love playing video games, for one. I also enjoy cosplaying, cooking, acting, writing, roleplaying, listening to nearly every kind of music, designing graphics and layouts, and going online for one reason or another. I consider myself very artistic. Paintshop Pro is my best friend in the world when it comes to graphics. I made this layout myself ^.^ It's a little glitchy, but I love it X3 I will make others layouts, but it will be for a price.

Err...moving on...

Music I Like;;

I love just about any kind of music besides country and rap. I know, I'm so predictable. My personal favorite kind of music is dance/techno. I also love any kind of game music, rock music, and JPop. Never heard too much JRock though >_o I also like silly songs and...well, basically to get taste of what I like for music, listen to my multimedia. :3

My Video Game Habits;;

Gaming is defiantly one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy almost every genre of games, the only exception being sports games. RPG's are my personal favorites and I love Final Fantasy, Shadow Hearts, Star Ocean, Magnacarta, and the like. Another favorite series of mine is Dynasty Warriors. In the way of fighting games, I like the Tekken and Soul Caliber series, and I really, really want to get an X-BOX 360, so I can get DoA. Some platform hopper games are alright. I really liked Red Ninja: End of Honor, despite the bad reviews it got. But that's just me XD

My personal favorite game is Shadow Hearts Covenant, and my favorite character is Lucia (as see on my profile).

So...Why Lucia?;;

She's extremely minor in the game, but I love her so much. She's a ditz and very klutzy. But she's not nearly as annoying as Anastasia or Karen. She knows when to keep her mouth shut, and not run at the first cute boy she sees. There were so many scenes during the game where I wanted to smack Karen or Anastasia for their annoying outbursts or cries of concern for the good looking objects of their affection (Yuri and Kurando, respectively), while Lucia stands in the background, simply watching them make fools of themselves. XD

She's also very beautiful (much more so than the other female protagonists, in my opinion, maybe besides Alice), and her occupation is as a fortune teller and dancer. Her weapons are bladed fans, and she can use tarot cards and aroma oils in battle. During actual gameplay, she's very underated, but if you pair some of her aroma oils with Yuri, you can get powerful results. I've even killed a boss after 2 turns. :3 She's basically the character I'd love to be (or probably would be in an rpg XD).


One of my other favorite hobbies, cosplaying. I've been to two conventions thus, REACTOR and ACen, both in Illinois. Until I get my license and a job, I'm probably going to stick to Con's inside IL.

My Cosplays:

REACTOR 2006 - Sexy no Jutsu Kakashi (Naruto) [No pictures]
ACen 2007 - Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children [No *good* pictures]
ACen 2008 - Seong Mi-Na, player 2 outfit (Soul Caliber 3) [She looks so cute in this outfit! I had to! My sister is helping me with the sewing and I'm even making a polearm!]

For the Future:


Gaia Friends;;

There are so many amazing people on gaia that I want to mention on my profile. Over the year and a half that I've been on gaia, some of these people have become something of a second family to me, and some of them even more. (listed by gaianame)

<3 - From my DW family
<3 - Known since 2oo5
<3 - Known since 2oo6
<3 - Know real life
<3 - Met on gaia
<3 - Has talked on the phone with (does not apply to people I know irl)
<3 - Donated to this person
<3 - Has donated to me

SohmaIsuzu - The person I have to thank for introducing me to Ning, Sun. She's definatly one of the most fun people I've ever met. The only person who will ever roleplay Sun Shang Xiang the correct way. <3<3<3

Taki-chan - My very beootiful Onee-chan. Onee-chan is a very good writer, roleplayer, and cosplayer. I'm very envious of her abilities in the ways of both literature and costume working. She's full of good advice and can help with just about anything. <3<3<3

[Concernacus] - Con, Con, Con...what to say about Con...well, he rocks harder than and is like... 250,000,000 times cooler than you. He has a knack for catchy roleplays and like Onee-chan, is a very good writer. He's also quite fun to do romance scenes with. :3 <3<3<3<3<3

Artanis Dagoth - Ce <3 is very smexy. I'm his dedicated fan girl. His FIRST fangirl! Which makes me special :3. Ce is also a very good roleplayer, able to balance multiple roles and keep his characters...well, in character ( unlike me ;_; )<3<3<3

Boushi Adams - Marcus, the only person I've ever done a cleavage sign for XD. He's my master <3 Better yet, I actually know him in real life! X3 Score! I definatly love this guy. He's the Naruto to my Sakura :3 <3<3<3

Astarael92691 - The first real 'friend' I ever met on gaia that I would talk to outside of roleplay and enter other roleplays with, I've know him from my 2oo5 days! XD (December o5' though, mind you). A great roleplayer, plus he gave me my CoCo kitty! ^.^ Could very much be called my Onii-san. <3<3<3

Kaji Motomiya - Jamie, from one of my most favorite roleplays ever. I've known him for quite awhile as well. A great friend and an even better singer. I <3 his voice. He made my golden birthday one of my most special birthdays ever. <3<3<3<3

Tanuki13 - Cat, someone else I know in real life. A wonderful artist and one of the best people to hang around with ever, due to her constant cracking of jokes, and way of making nearly anything funny.<3<3

Yaoi Lover114 - Sam, one of the best people to run around conventions with, due to her knowing who almost everyone there is, making it less awkward when you don't know. :3 She's also good to talk to about certain things and doesn't really have much shame. It's a good thing. X3<3<3

Neko Suzuki-chan - Jessie =D Jessie-chan wa neko desuka? Haiiiii X3 She's my imooto-chan, and very, very cute. She has random spaztic outbursts that are adorable and is the only person to ever actually show affection for my dumb dog <_<<3<3

Ryuu Nakata - Andrew! =D His house is the most fun to go to, due to random stuff always going on and general chaos. The only guy friend that I've brought home that my mom has liked. He's also the only person from my high school that lives close to me XD And the only person to laugh at Shino/Christina's horrible hair cut.<3<3<3

Hiun No Miko - Emi! I've known this girl since 6th grade and she is one of the funniest people I've ever know. She's very cynical and opinionated, and probably cooler than you. Too bad we go to different highschools now DX<3<3<3


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Hito = love <3

Life is something you bite into, like an apple...or a baby.

A journal filled with all the big breastedness, randomness, and other ness that will undoubtedly make you want to shoot yourself in the face! :3



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Remember Tyki from your old awesome RP Red tears red snow?
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Sorry about the misinterpertation thing... I should've added in abilities or something to explain. The infusion with the crystal thingys in his body need energy to keep him running and keep the crystals strong. Now, unless I can find a less grusome way to consume a person and give Hikaru energy, he can just manipulate/shapeshift the crystals within him to consume the body of another person, right?
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Amazing Profile!

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