Konnichi-wa nano desu. my name it Kitsane Gaillens. i am 18 yrs old and have very disturbing tastes(disturbing to most anyway). i dont watch tv often, and i dont go out often. i usually work on my stories, to which is basically my entire life. ive tried to pic up drawing, like realistic anime-ish of a style, but to no true avail. i love to read manga and other things my friend(s) write. that probably the only thing beside write i do. i do play some video games, but only for DS and PSP. i do have a PS2, but only the kingdom hearts series(domestic and imported) and most recently the xenosaga trilogy. And thats it. thank you for visiting. and, it m,ay not matter, but im not japanese. because of my name and use of the language, some ask if i am. my fathers name is Shane and my mothers is Kitten, so they strangely decided to put the two together, after dropping a few letters, and hence my officium nomen. i love my friends, and anyone i think or hold close to me. to me, if i were forced to kill even one of them if i had a gun, id shoot myself, so they would be safe from me.