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Gender: Male

Location: Colorado Springs

Birthday: 12/16

Occupation: Overnight Grocery Stocker


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- Like most other humans I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I am glossophobic and super shy, I enjoy Lots of things not indicated in my interests. I like to think. A lot. My brain is pretty much on 24/7. When I have to do mindless things I have to distract my brain with other things or I will go crazy. I olften just learn new words in spanish or japanese when I have nothing else.

- I am a technophile and apparently Gaia's spellchecker is no match for my vocabulary.

- I value my friends immensely, yet am reluctant to let anyone get close enough to become a friend. I am also very shy and it is very hard for me to trust people. I am very self reliant and afraid to ask for help most of time. What I really want are people who I can ask for help however. I do ask the people I trust for help.

-I am slow to call people my friends and tend to spend a lot of time around a few close friends.

- I love to have txt conversations with my friends.

- I am a very ethically oriented person and constantly strive to improve myself everyday.

- Philosophy is awesome.

- Most of my humor isn't funny to most people and requires people to think. Some people find me very funny however.

- I am single. I filed for divorce in Feb and am currently living with a couple awesome roommates. I am much happier now.

- I am an engineer at heart and in thought. Maximum efficiency and ideal solutions are always my goal. When confronted with a problem I will work on it endlessly until I solve it or find the best course of action I can think of.

- I am exceptionally affectionate to those I care about and love to hug and cuddle.

- I believe in expressing affection through random acts of kindness. My friends can expect me to do nice things for them consistently for as long as I am around.

- I have an extreme fear of losing my friends and it worries me on a regular basis.

- I like to cook for people when they come over.


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KawaiiValentinexx Report | 05/08/2014 4:31 am
Thank you! emotion_kirakira


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