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Birthday: 01/11

Well My friends or who has come to see my profile. Yay!

Going to put something here... I just don't know what yet..

My name is Kira but you can call me Kit if it's easier.
Age : 18
Likes : Skate bording, chating, swimming, talking, playing games (PS3 and those kinds), spending time with family, and so much more.
Dislikes : Girly girls, snobs, and I think what I can remember of the color pink... sad I'm color blind *sigh*
Favorite Food : Italian
Favorite color : Black I guess.....
I'm fun to be with and I love music!!
Well, I will help you with any problem you have and I won't snap or think less of you.

Sweet and not so sweet things

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Unforgiven Alissa Report | 06/08/2010 11:06 pm
Sister Get on More Pwease i'm missing chu =/
i hope your okay i'm Worried and haven't heard from you in months so i don't know and theirs allot your missing out on with my life but i hope we can catch up soon Kira Well if you want to talk to me heres our E-mail if you want to add us send a E-mail through that or comment me here and i'll add yea ^^
P.S i love you Kira
Outcast-ghosT Report | 11/29/2009 10:55 am
i know...i know...
so don't then...don't...
Outcast-ghosT Report | 11/28/2009 7:37 pm
ok...don't worry...if she's back, that's enough for me...*sighs*
jus hold her up...
Outcast-ghosT Report | 11/27/2009 9:21 pm
there's nothing i can do anymore...tell her (if you ever see her pop up again) that i'll be waiting forever, if necesary...
and i'm sorry to be bothering you with this kira...
hope for her return...
Your_Guardian_Angel_15 Report | 11/16/2009 4:41 pm
its ok
how u been?
*hugs tightly*
emogirl0782 Report | 11/13/2009 7:47 am
i hope so and i am going to go get some rest sister good night.
Unforgiven Alissa Report | 11/12/2009 2:09 pm
seems my sister told you what she and i did ...well part of it...
i feel bad for what i did but i think its best that me and you sister takes take we need from one another she doesn't need stress and the pain i give her as i don't need any stress and pain from her either and in a way i am sort of glad that she deleted me from her list of friends but in a way i'm not but She's to special to me and i know she is Special to you to Kira Keep your sister Safe and happy as you can okay Kira ?
i don't want anything more to happen to her i hate my self literally for not Realizing that she was right all along ....
i hope your alright Kira i haven't seen you on lately and i miss you...
emogirl0782 Report | 11/12/2009 1:57 am
i hope she is alright Kira she is mad at my sister and a little mad at me i was on her case about my sister i stopped tho but Vick kept going till i stopped her i apologized to your sister for my actions Vick Feels bad about it and i know my sister welll and she hasn't been the same since Brian died and my sister is also pregnant with her first child but your sister i think is forgetting that when women are pregnant they tend to be moody and Vick well she's moody not to mention Vick's mood changes Quickly to i'm trying to keep both of them away from one another till they can work it out peacefully.
i think me and vick are part of the reason why she hurt herself i'm keeping my distance tho from Jack till the 3 of us cool off ...
how are you Kira?
emo Chelsea007 Report | 10/22/2009 4:47 am
Kira i just wanted to say i'm sorry for everything i did and said to you while i was pregnant i know what i did was mean and cruel i just wanted to tell you that i am sorry and i wont hurt you or your sister anymore i only did it once and i've Learned from my mistakes my family had hated me for all the mean things i did to them and i don't blame them for hating me and i don't blame you either for not talking to me all this time including hearing out my apology to you.
i wont pick fights with any one anymore i'm sorry for all the pain i caused you and your sister sad
Unforgiven Alissa Report | 10/19/2009 7:20 am
you don't have to talk to her she knows she caused you pain and was the reason you weren't going to talk to her she is at the hospital unharmed sleeping next to me she came Last night according to Ashely but if you still want to talk to her Kira then you can i'll tell her to open her profile if you want to talk with her.
and in a few minutes i'm going into surgery to fix a rod that moved slightly in my arm.
not typing with it tho it hurts to move ='/

My Feel better everytime I read it, By Vicky my sis.

my friend kirawe all care alot about you hun look for the answers you seek cuz our love for you never will go away for you sis dont deny our love for you accept it and cherrish the love we have for you take it easy sis you know erik didnt mean he hates you cuz he doesant he cares so much about you he knows you changed he has a hard time wording things so you and i can understand he thinks you as family and cares so much about you sis he loves you and sarah will always be their for you if you need us cuz your part of our family to and when we need you we always will talk to you about our problems cuz we trust you more than most people we known to help us with our problems... take the time you need and thos feelings you have for that someone isnt wrong sis
i know you are confused but i know that person wouldnt hurt you cuz you love them like i do with my boyfriend...
my friend and family member kira please take it easy on yourself dont dwell what you did look forward no matter what you did to others you have changed me erik and my sister seen it we love you to much for you to be hurting like this i love you sis ...
24 hour crack head

My friends from school.