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I am a HUGE grammar Nazi, and it really pisses me off when people don't take the time to properly correct their sentences. A few mistakes- that's completely understandable, but if you have the time then PLEASE use real words and not: wordz lyke dis or sumthing or no periodz at alll cuz dat Makez it soooo hrd 2 undersatnd sumtimes and i got reaaaaly mad cuz it hurtz myy braiin a lot!!!11

AHHH!!! It hurts to even think of doing such a malicious deed!!! Please: if you have the time to write a sentence, then PLEASE do some proofreading using proper punctuation, the write synonyms- wink wink, the right tense- (past, present, future), and many other things that you know you should do.. Naughty naughty..

OH and if you are doing words which I like to say has a Texas slang to it: y'know, y'all, booty grabbin'= my personal favourite- (I come from Canada fools! scream ) then please add the apostrophe there otherwise the words become: y know, y all, booty grabbin. And it just makes you look stupid like you missed a few letters or something. stare

I'm doing this for humankind!! scream


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Yay! My laptop doesn't overheat much anymore!! ^^

Title says it all. :P I can finally booty grab IN PEACE! :D



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Gotta love Dr. Seuss. mrgreen


currently a noob :(

Removed 'Grammar Nazi Squad' banner because it was giving me a headache. -.-'