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Nobody cares what I have on <33

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Intersting things that i find interesting <33

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Things i want <33


Me duh <33

Sweet people that acully care about my profile <33

Siggy <33


I love you.


This is my Gaia family...tell me if you want to be in it =D

My clone:
My Big sister:
My Little sister:
My Big Brother:JoshtheValentine89
My Little Brother:
My Grandpa:Incubus_Demon
My Grandma:
My mom:
My dad:
My evil twin surprised nahmary
My friend:
My cat:
My bird:
My goldfish:
My bf:
My ugly stepsister:
My meanest friend:
My annoying brat:
My Nachos that i am going to eat soon:
My celeberty:girlygirlAutumn

These are my coolest friends.

Im sweet and your not..:p
Just kidding.
Your sweeter then me.
I <33

You wish you knew.

A littlebit about myself. Im 14 iloveyou. of course. your a ho. and maybe other things that i don't know. My fav colors are pink and orange. girly,onah,and incubus are all = on my list so don't get mad if you are 1st 2nd or 3rd. Person i talk to the most on gaia:JoshTheValentine89 Fav friends:Girly,Onah,And Incubus,<33 Who makes me happy:Vamp_sbr People i know in real life:Girly,Onah,CarlyTheHalfDemon, InuyashaHalfDemon,Anna2738. Your pretty. <33s you.