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Report | 03/08/2017 10:04 am

MoMo o v o

heyy i am a fan of pokemon and persona 3 and 4 too! sorry for the random comment. i saaw you through art forums XD
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Report | 02/21/2015 4:40 pm

Kurusu Akira

Mfgjfkght it's ok Gaia is dumb...so is tumblr's messaging system emotion_donotwant

wotwotwot how dare they reject you which college rejected you???

Bad puns you say? emotion_dowant Sounds good to me even tho it's a sequel of 999 that already made it good enough. MGNGJG THE DETECTIVE OFFICE OR SOMETHING SONG SOUNDS SO NICE THIS IS EXACTLY THE TYPE OF THING I WANTED. Did Atlus leak it or something I'm confused. I heard some of the P1 soundtracks tho they sound nice, but I still have no idea what the actual game is like. I KEEP SEEING LOVE LIVE EVERYWHERE I REFUSE TO GIVE IN. Maybe.

Ok. I'll emulate it if I can find it ahahahahahaha I am ready to get dragged. I SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS DUMB WEBSITE HELP. I haven't played it either apparently it was JP exclusive I hope it doesn't turn out to be one of those games that's entirely-quest based or anything b/c I can't get into those OTL. Yeee I think it made it onto the front YouTube page as most watched when the P5 PV came out idk I heard people complaining about it on the comments heheh. IDEK IF THERE'S GONNA BE A BUNDLE BUT I HOPE THERE IS HAHAHA JUST TAKE MY WALLET UGH I'M SUFFERING.

WHAT GAME HAVE YOU BEEN STUCK ON. BUT YEAH I'D PROBABLY JUST SNEAK AHEAD B/C I BINGE OUT ON VIDEO GAMES A LOT. Nghfaer me too sometimes, with quests and stuff like that I don't like leaving them incomplete //sobs, but if they're achievements then probably nah. H-how did you even read an entire archive of the Narumitsu fics woah...different fic website time for you. Oh it's actually not that hard they just ask for items, money, your life/sp, and you have to answer their questions hehe BUT THEY ASK FOR LOADS OF STUFF.
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Report | 02/18/2015 3:25 pm

Kurusu Akira

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Report | 02/10/2015 9:45 pm

Kurusu Akira


O. OooOOoOOOoOooOhhHhHHHhHH gUD LUCK GURL. I BELIEVE IN YOU. Idek what college I wanna go to or what I want to do with my life.

HyEHYEHUEUHEU I must never let pun opportunities go no matter how awful they are. He's too attractive for his own good please send help. I wanna use jet boots hueheue, but that's probably too distant in the future and Persona games are usually set in present time why. Gunblades tho. kdnfakj What do you mean by a bit rough tho? I'll catch up w/ all of these Persona games one day why did I get dragged into this hellhole. cry

Nope it's that game w/ the guy in a red suit or something though and it's made by Capcom right?

Tumblr is that place I go to when I have no video games to play ehe haueheu hahha //sobs. The post limit is like 250 pls extend it I have nothing to do with my life. Yeeee same I take hiatuses too sometimes if I kinda just lose interest, but I always find myself coming back to it. Der's dat FF Type-0 version though I'ma hope for a special PS3/4 now //sobs Idek if Persona is popular enough to get one. I just want a Vita or PSTV for P4G and maybe Tales of.

LOL I'M THAT TYPE OF PERSON THAT GETS TOO EXCITED TO WAIT FOR MY FRIENDS. And finish it really quickly sometimes if I get that into it //cries I hope P5 is gonna be lengthy. o
o my. I love the negotiation stuff, but it's was p hard in SMTIV b/c they will ask for your entire inventory and life then leave.

I giggled at that.
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Report | 02/09/2015 3:00 pm

Kurusu Akira

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Report | 02/08/2015 8:54 pm

Kurusu Akira

wat Is it because they have to compare students and stuff like that wow r00d.

The motto was "take your heart" but this game hasn't already released yet nor is there a release date yet, but he's already taken my heart help I find it funny how his outfit is complete black, but his gloves...I guess you could say...he'll get caught...red-handed HUUEHUEHUEHUEHUE. hE JUST LOOKS SO GOOD AND I'M ANGRY ABOUT IT B/C HE'S US MEANING WE CAN'T DATE HIM ugh if there's even an option to date guys //sobs. Oh and the Social Link might actually be the Communication option? I dunno I heard Melee/Ranged weapons are returning too. Blade of the Night Skyyyy for his coat tails jkFDNSKHAN it keeps going up and down why I kinda need his vest too, but if I can't afford it then I have a back-up hue. Oh yeah I feel you, I don't like seeing too much bright red or flashing colors, but I can handle this. I hear about P2 occasionally, but never about P1 omg. Yeye Sho is that red haired dude in P4AU that wants to destroy the Kirijo Group right?

Yeeeees. More games that will crush my emotions I wanna play now. emotion_dowant

Yes plsss P3 DLC. THAT'S EXACTLY WHY I WANT TO SEE HIM DANCE. He's prob too bulky to dance now. I know he's reaching his dreams and stuff, but...why with this design..._(:3 」∠)_ I still love him nonetheless tho.

It's okay. I spend an excessive amount of time on tumblr and forget to log in here sometimes I will fully escape one day. YEH MORE BLOGS TO STALK. I hit my post limit for the day so I just started stalking my mutuals and senpai blogs while playing PQ I mean what. Does the styling for wigs wear off though? uuhUGH SAME. I don't know what to do with my life anymore help. I'm probably gonna return my piano and wait for a limited edition PS3/4 pls upload the Persona games to PSNNN I checked the website and apparently the Persona games are only for download on PS3 anD I WAS LIKE WHY?!

Steal someone's PS3/4 with the game inside. If you find a Persona fan there. What're the contact options in P2 tho?

I'm gonna lick da butt and no one will stop me from doing so. emotion_dowant
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Report | 02/05/2015 8:42 pm

Kurusu Akira


OH MY GOD I KNOW I THOUGHT THE PROTAG WAS JUST A CUTE GLASSES BOY, BUT THEN...he destroyed me...I'M GONNA COSPLAY THAT PHANTOM VERS THO ughgh I just need one more item. That cat persona user though yES I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. The new mechanics look like a giant leap from P4 though omg I still haven't played P4 yet...but...SOON. AlsotheprotaglookslikeVincentandKatherine'slovechild. AND THAT GUY IN PRISON LOOKS LIKE VINCENT. But I'm guessing that's like the new shadow thingy because they did mention something of breaking chains from society's rules or something idk.

Ahahhaha oh boy I love video games that crush all of my emotions does anyone die? I'm also slow on P3 because I don't wanna finish it. because I'm gonna cry and get that empty feeling when I do ;w;.

I tried to watch Cry play Corpse Party, but it was kinda to slow for meeee.

I only got to watch the Phantom Thief part, some of the 25 hits b/c my internet decided to be sh*tty //cries, and the P4DAN Dance! thing, I thought P4DAN was a dumb idea but the remixes are good omg. I-it's not like I want it or anything pfT I WANNA SEE AKI DANCE EVEN THOUGH HE'S PROB NOT GONNA APPEAR...although they did say and more after the list of the main chars. from P4 huhuehueuhuehe.

Oohohohohoooh //stalks ima follow (hyrulana is my url) my url is tloz related but most of the stuff I barely ever reblog about it...and I feel really bad because there's single tloz fandom blogs following me oops //sobs I'll change it one day, but I like it since it's like. The closest I'll ever get to a canon url //more sobbing. MFMGN I'd order so many things if I could, but I'm not allowed to order. wait wat 5 dollas for a wig I wanna bUY. I know I know I want the Chrom nendo and Lucina figma euUHGH WHY SO EXPENSIVE.

Her counselor told her that she should complete her art class kdsnba she really wants to join though. Ooooh I see FEM PROTAG THO P5pls probably not happening...but I can dream...WHA TH H ETLHELL I'M CYR ING I'M TEMPTED TO WATCH THIS SCENE. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. BU T THA T PERU PERU PERSONAAAA.

Yeah it's mostly because Robin has ranged magic that makes up for it and Robin would be too op w/o fast speed. Jubei my Jubaby maybe someday ughug I love cats.

I hope it looks just as beautiful as the game does hnnnggghng. No don't play it w/ them steal it and have all of the glory to yourselfffff. Apparently there's no social link option in the menu though !!!! Atlus what happened.

why de Akihiko fig gotta be so expensive.
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Report | 02/02/2015 9:50 pm

Kurusu Akira

I have my grades hidden tho hehhh hehehheh I have to log into it every day for one of my classes, but since they're hidden I don't feel as bad as I should be.

What's the plot about tho. I just know oratleastIthinkIknow that it's about Nyarlathotep and Philemon or something. It sounds wonderful though...besides the encounters //cries I'm actually kinda lagging on P3 because I just completed Tartarus really lazily and I still have to complete 2 more timed quests for Theo and procrastinate on all of the others lol. Euugh I just got to the clockwork tower and I'm sad b/C REI'S BACKSTORY.

Nico B ending??? What???

The schedule was released and there's a mystery portion yOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS Idk in Japan it's on Wednesday since they're ahead of us by a day but I think it's at 9 for tomorrow and like 11 on Wednesday, but that's Japan's time. The rest is just P4 and P3 stuff though. I'm okay with Aki/Mitsu being partners in crime, buT NOTHING CLOSER THAN THAT PLS I WILL CRY.

Is it b/c you're lazy? Is it b/c no inspiration? dRAW ALL OF YO HUSBANDOS AND FAVE CHARACTERS. I need a Treecko plushie ughgughugh. hOW DO THEY SCREW UP THAT BAD? You sHOULD'VE GIVEN IT TO ME THOOOO. There were like 302 Miku wigs at AX all in different shades of blue/green. I buy...too much...and I just can't stop once I've started. The Chrom is adorbssss chibi Chrom.

My friend is thinking of joining buT HER COUNSELOR WON'T LET HER AND I'M JUST LIKE WHYYY I'M SUFFERING HERE. I'm just like. Super quiet and anxious in that class man I just wanna lie down and sob. It's ok. That's also how I introduce my husbandos. OHOH. THE PROTAGONIST SPEAKS? WOAH THERE THAT'S NEW. Welltechnicallyoldbut.

I actually wanted to main Robin, but he's too slow for me and I'm terrible at aiming Arcfire //sobs. He's actually the slowest character in the game apparently...even slower than Bowser and Ganon still fun to use besides all of that tho.

Oooh yeh my 3DS started working again I guess it was just a small problem? Idk man, but I kinda needed a new one anyways Ima wait for a limited edition N3DS hue. Buuuut I still have to get a PS3 and stuff //sOBS I KEEP CHANGING MY MIND ON WHAT I WANT.

I need. Husbando figures.
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Report | 01/29/2015 5:11 pm

Kurusu Akira

kldsjfd its k i've been gone toooo

My teacher accepted my late stuff since I was absent and sick so I still have a chance. Maybe. My school actually uses this online thingy for grades, but I don't like looking at my grades so I'll just wait (and cryyy).

What's wrong w/ Persona 2 tho? HUEHUE HUE THERE'S GONNA BE A 30 HR. PERSONA STREAM ON FEB. 4TH (technically 3rd for us) NO SLEEP NO SCHOOL jkIwish.
Yehhh we finished finals last week and we're starting a new semester too. Who's the spoiler husbando from thooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Akihiko's social links with the FEMC are so adorable whY HWYHWY WHY. SAME THO. LIKE WHENEVER I SEE AKIMITSU SHIPPERS/SHIP STUFF I GET KINDA ANGRY I try noT TO BUT I JUST CAN'T HELP IT?? WHY. I'm p much fine with everyone else being shipped though. bUT AKIIII. Too many good husbandos out there siiiiighghhg. Yeah I'm getting better, but I still cough and get runny noses occasionally.

You still have months left. I'd do it last minute b/c major procrastinator //sobs. YOUR ART IS BEAUTIFUL THO it'snotlikeIstalkedyourDAoranythingpsH. SAME. I used to buy the ripoff Pokemon cards though since I just liked the pictures whoops. I STILL HAVE MY POKEMON PLUSHIES THOUGH. It's not a lot, but I wanna fill my room with them hueheu. THEY SOLD A BUNCH OF WIGS AT AX, BUT NOT THE WIGS I WANTED //SOBS (wanted to buy an Aoba wigggg) there were like 6 people with different variations of the Aoba wig tho. I just spend more money than I should on things I find amusing and go home wondering why I bought this. Omggg I want the Lucina figma too and Chrom's nendo he's a chibi nendo tho I wish there was the actual thing you feel meee.

Yehyeh science has been my only strongpoint since I'm interested in it. I'm only decent in English kdlsanfejt. NOT ENOUGH SOCIAL LINKS BECAUSE I'M THAT TYPE OF PERSON THAT TENDS TO STICK TO MY MAINS. I usually have like 2-4 friends in each class tho. Except for piano. I'm uncomfortable there b/c I'm just that one person w/ no friends in that class in there hah //cries.
Who're da Suou twins?

I LIKED KOKONOE IN THE STORY. Even though I still had no idea what was going on 101% of the time. But yeah I saw lots of people complaining about how unbalanced she was. My Lucina game is becoming on point huehuehuehuehue. Why //cries Jubei is so adorable ughaughau.

I FORGOT TO ASK MY FRIEND TO BORROW IT DJFKLAGNBA AND I'M NOT GONNA BE IN SCHOOL TOMORROW B/C I HAVE A BIOPSY HUGHH. ;A; I started playing PQ again and got to the 2nd floor of the 4th lab., but for some reason my 3DS won't load anything anymore and my SD Card stuff isn't showing up so I'm just here sobbinG. MmmMMMMm SMT X FE CONFIRMED NOT DEAAAD.

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Report | 01/25/2015 4:32 pm

Kurusu Akira

iT'S OK. I'M PRETTY SURE I BLEW MY MATH FINAL. And I couldn't print my essays out so...I lost two assignments...r.i.p me.

I can't work with clay either anything that has to do with art or effort and getting up is probably too hard for me to handle. OTL What're you trying to make tho

Ewww school. Yeye I only had 2 classes on Thursday and Friday. 2 and 3 for Thurs. 4 and 5 for Fri. But it's only for finals every other day we have 5-6 periods. dmdlkjagnfsd Makoto Tachibana, Clear, Lon'qu, Theo, Steven Stone, Shinjiro Aragaki, Nishinoya Yuu, AKIHIKO IS MY MAIN HUSBANDO NOW THO, AND MANY MANY MORE. Too many husbandos and feelings for them //sobs. Also I didn't get to watch it yet b/c I forgot to and I kinda just passed out after school on Thursday because I was still sick at that time.

i wANNA BUY. HOW MUCH ARE YOU SELLING IT FOR //cri 902% chance I won't be able to go to that con tho. Well actually I'm not sure since I'm usually unaware of cons that happen and I have a low chance of attending //sobs. I would buy tons of figures...if I had the money for them. Expensive but beautiful plastic statuesss. Wth you too lol sometimes I carry a dollar at school for food and 100 for those nice field trips b/c I get crazy when I shop for souvenirs hUHEUE.

dkjjsbjfan lucky I feel like I did terrible on all of my tests except for science because that's the only thing I'm decent at ahahhah //sobs, well I'm ok w/ English too, but those 2 assignments are gonna make my grades sink like Titanic.

Yeh I heard she got banned. Omg it's okay I'm horrible at fighting games too, even though I've spent these past 2 days playing smash all day hhhhg. I know...absolutely nothing about Blazblue's story except for the fact that Ragna is wanted or something. Jubei is so cute thoughhh.

I HOPE. I'll probably just borrow it from my friend lol.
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Kurusu Akira

It's ok I get sidetracked easily and it takes forever for me to reply sometimes too //cries
I'm getting better...kinda...not dead yet somehow ;w;. But yeh I just ate thatclearnoodlesoupidkwhatit'scalled.

Same I probably would've messed up like 543 different times and just break it apart and cry a lot. I WANNA BUY IT THO.


I'll probably start watching it tomorrow since I get to leave early tomorrow well if I have no homework. It kinda sucks tho since I only have 2 classes tomorrow and I have tons of homework for them and my classes for Friday don't give homework OTL //cries. Shhh it's okay we all know the feels of having too many husbandos to handle.

Make prints of yo art and sell it that's the gist basically. And maybe some keychains or pins hue. lol I don't know much about cons b/c no money and I get slim chances to go with my friends and the problem most of the time is because we have no one to take us. Yeeh it was tiny though, but the metal keychains were adorable. They were also selling/displaying nendoroids and apparently the Halloween Miku one had like a 5 hour line and sold out. I kinda wanted to buy Rin, but I was likE NAH TOO EXPENSIVE. Yuyoppe is a composer for Vocaloid songs and DJ too I think. YEH. I FREELOADED OFF OF MY FRIENDS AT THE CLUB FOOD SALE AT MY SCHOOL AND I FELT SUPER BAD LOL I NEVER CARRY MONEY TO SCHOOL. But if we're somewhere else I'm that type of person that buys people things for no reason when I feel super happy. Yeh //sobs maybe someday I'll be lucky. oH MY GOD YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT.

Uehh good luck ;A; I have math tomorrow too. I'm terrible at math and I always will be //cries. Yeah the next two days are shortened for me so I leave at 12 and I only have 2 classes for each. Eugh...they're both 2 hours long though gET ME OUT OF HERE. I'M GONNA STEAL THAT AKI. THEY LOOK SO CUTE OMG. Ialsojustfoundoutthatthere'samechanicalAkihikopencilIamsobuyingthat. LOOK AT THESE. I WANT ORPHEUS.

I wanted to buy it on Steam, bUT I LEARNED THAT KOKONOE ISN'T PLAYABLE ON THE PC VERS. WHY NO. I ACTUALLY WANTED TO PLAY AS HER 'CAUSE SHE SEEMED LIKE A COOL CHARACTER. I don't really understand the Knights of the Blue Flame and how Noel awakened as Mu-13 or something I love using Noel tho.

I...still haven't played TWEWY my friend has it though kfdnaknjkbk everyone says it's good thoo
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Report | 01/20/2015 3:34 pm

Kurusu Akira

//computer crashed yesterday
I dunno how long I was sleeping, but I spent the majority of the past 5 days sleeping 'cause I got super sick from the flu.

i sERIOUSLY DON'T KNOW??? They also made tons of other stuff too, but tbh the Lightning stood out to me *q* //cries b/c what is talent.

Good luck w/ your orchestra rehearsals I'd probably just die because I have major stage fright, but I have a piano recital tomorrow for finals OTL it's only 4 lines though so I think I'll do ok.

Oh are Baccano! and Durarara!! related or something? The only thing I know about Durarara!! is that gif of Shizuo throwing a fridge at someone and that one guy getting launched off and losing all of his clothes.

You're gonna sell stuff at Artist Alley? emotion_dowant emotion_dowant emotion_dowant I'MA GO DER AND BUY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. Ughughugh shopping sprees to satisfy my fandom feels I wanna go to an expo again this year. Or multiple HUEHUEU. I just remembered that I went to Miku Expo, but it wasn't that great since it was small, but the line to enter was super long my friends and I accidently cut though lolol and Yuyoppe was there :0. I'd ask my dad for stuff, but I feel kinda guilty asking for some reason even though he's really wealthy and never turns me down lol, but idk I just feel really bad when I ask people for things no matter how rich they are I'm also super indecisive about what I want rn since I keep swapping my choices on what I want eughuguh. Ommmg Troy Baker. I have no idea who came for Anime Expo though and I think you have to have a special pass to meet the guests of honor and stuff like that, but I'm a poor potato so _(:3 」∠)_ . SOMEONE GOT THEIR FE BOOK SIGNED BY MATTHEW MERCER AND HE WROTE "FOXY GRANDPA" ON CHROM'S PAGE.

I just hate math in general because I have awful memory and I'm just terrible at it ;^;. I'm just glad that Thurs. and Fri. are minimum days for my school though ;u; I'll survive...maybe. FANDOMS ARE INESCAPABLE AND THEY COST MONEY FOR IMPULSE SHOPPING and your life too. who dat who dat //searches MMMM BLAZBLUE. I played a bit of the story mode, but I didn't understand it since I didn't play it in chronological order and I got super confused. Jin Kisaragi is attractive garbage. Oooh. Oh good because I use magic too much for all-outs because I'm a sore loser //sobs. I need set 1 for dem tarot cards ee.

R.I.P SMT x FE though? pls no.
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Report | 01/14/2015 8:50 pm

Kurusu Akira

Good luck!! It's okay I should be studying too for math tomorrow ew. //sobs
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Report | 01/13/2015 8:53 pm

Kurusu Akira

o my
Are you okay now though? ;A;

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Notmypicthoughb/cIdidn'tbringacam //sobs. iT'S SO GORGEOUS THOUGH LIKE??? HOW. It's all made out of those pixel bead things. Even the shading is perfect. I.

Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorneyyy. Same here, English VAing is poor sometimes, but Persona's is pretty good.

I got most of my stuff done ;v; I'm turning in my project late bECAUSE IT'S MATH AND I CRY EVERY TIME. Hope you did fine on your rehearsal tho. When's your next one?

I haven't watched Durarara!! but this DLC is probably gonna get me into it and I'll be in fandom hell once again //sobs. I dunno if it's coming to the U.S. though. Huehue they're considered as demons.

Lol I'm not allowed to order things wehe, I'm not even allowed to use my money most of the time. YEE. IT WAS FULL OF LON'QU FANART I think they're doing a Chrombin one next. There was also an FE:A fanart book, but I thought I had no money so I didn't buy it. And then I realized that I had an extra 20 dollars after we left. There was all sorts of stuff here since tons of artists came over to sell their stuff and a lot of them accept haggles emotion_dowant plshavestillhavepersona3thingsthisyear. I can tolerate rap, but idk it just gets irritating to me if I hear it too much. It'S OK I GET ATTACHED TO MY STUFF TOO FOR SOME REASON. Sometimes I think of giving things, but then I'm like wait no. It's always the shipping //cries. Well my dad is rich and my mom is poor. I dunno what that means. I live with my mom though and my parents are separated whwywhwywywhywhwyhwywh. Dem college bills are gonna make me cryyy uGH I get too hyped when I see fandom merch/my fave games what is money. Yee it was official from Atlus too so the suit was super nice and flawless. wHY DIDN'T I JOIN THIS FANDOM SOONERRR the line was kinda long though I wanna take off that suit and get human Teddie tho hUEUHEUE.

eW MATH. I'd probably just cry a lot, but I have to do a block scheaedule too for finals next week so. That'll probably be me hahahahha why. Yeaaah I think I'll just get a PS3 instead of a PSVita. Or just get the Vita Tv thingy which I just found out existed but uHG MONEY pretty much all of the games I want are compatible though, bUT STILL. MONEY please get me out of this fandom there's too many things I need to catch up with and cry about. Yeah I get the feeling I'm gonna be attached to every single character again in P5 ahahahaha pleASE LET NO ONE DIE I HAVEN'T PLAYED MINATO'S ROUTE, BUT NOW THAT I KNOW WHAT SHINJI IS LIKE I'M GONNA CRY A WHOLE LOT. The King's Game omg. Awwwh that sucks...being interrupted a concert whEN IT WAS ALMOST DONE. Yeah I heard that P2 has the difficulty of SMT games though //shivers. Oooh I wanted to get those tarot cards from P4AU too so yee. But I doubt there's any copies left with the cards //sobs. I heard there's gonna be a 3rd P3 movie though hhh did the second movie get subbed yet?
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Report | 01/11/2015 9:14 pm

Kurusu Akira

You had to do that for like 4 days? That sounds like a lot of pressure lol I'd probably die in the first round.

Oooh we actually only ate once there I didn't eat much though and we only got to go to the fanart area. bUT WE WENT ON THE LAST DAY SO THE STUFF I WAS ANTICIPATING ON BUYING SOLD OUT //CRIES. There was a Lon'qu fanbook thing there and I wanted to get it, but they sold out by the time I got thereee whyyy. If I go again this year I'm probably just gonna buy tons of Akihiko things HUEHUE. Ye I don't really like rap other than Lotus Juices' stuff eeh. Also there's lots of air pollution and drugs here but that might be just 'cause I live in the poor area whwahrej. wOW YOU'RE PROBABLY RICH. My mom actually works in the poor-ish places so she kinda just follows directions and sews whatever she needs to and blah blah blah. Noooo cri cri I've never been able to cosplay and she doesn't really actually make clothes. LOL IT'S OKAY I SPENT LIKE 80 DOLLARS AT ANIME EXPO ON IMPULSE AND MOST OF THE STUFF I BOUGHT WAS JUST FANDOM KEYCHAINS AND PINS AND LIKE 1 NECKLACE/PLUSHIE AND WHEN I CAME OUT I WAS LIKE WTF WAS I THINKING lol but it's also because it's hard to find fandom merch irl uuuugh omg I saw those keychains they're so cute I. //no money though. But yeah that's what happened since you have to be 16 or older to wander off alone in there or something blegh. I was also looking for one of my internet friends in there, but I never got to ;n;. There was also a Teddie photo thingy in there, but I wasn't into Persona at the time. i dON'T EVEN HAVE A PHONE. I may or may not get one soon though idk I've been asking for too many vidya gaems whoops

Yeeee I'll do that when I have the time ugh school is draining every fiber of my being. It's okay, have fun with your band stuff ;u; 'cause the only instrument I can play is my tears. Same. I just joined, but iDK P3 IS AMAZING UGH I've related to like almost every character so farrrr even the other social link characters like whyyy nooo I haven't finished it yet, but I really don't want to because I'm just gonna get that empty feeling and cry a lot. Yeah the PS3 price lowered 'cause of the PS4. P5 looks like it's gonna be super deep though with the society stuff. Eyeyey gay/bi protag pls. Or a femprotag //sobs. wat tumblr was supposed to be the haven for hiding copyright stuff though //cri thIS IS FANTASTIC did it get shut during the middle of the concert or? WHY IS THE BOSS HITLER THOUGH I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Oooho how dark tho. Wait what omg so which one should I get P4A or P4AU?

I'll do it next weEK BECAUSE SCHOOOOL, and yeah I'll probably do that I don't think I even wanna try anymore //sobs. I heard the final lab has more floors though. Yeah those pixel bead thingies. The Lightning one was life-sized hhhhgngng. Your comment got cut off??
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Report | 01/11/2015 11:42 am

Kurusu Akira

Band camp or something I'm guessing? idk how 2 instrument so :v

Yeye it's probably a lot better in norcal than socal I dun like it here, but I live close to most of the expo areas huehuehu. All that ever happens here is crimes and rap music wait I don't go outside. MY PARENTS RARELY EVER CHANGE JOBS. Maybe the locations, but not jobs. My mom's been a seamstress her whole life and a satellite engineer for my dad. Yeah he's rich, I don't live w/ him though _(:3 」∠)_ he's that type of person to throw away things whenever they're broken. Mamcirbwqa I wanna go again //sobs I loVE SHOPPING FOR FANDOM MERCH. They also sold old video games there. But the people I went with only let me stay at the artist alley OTL there was so much out there it was kinda overwhelming actually the majority of the people there were wearing casual clothes lol the cosplays were pretty nice though bUT I DIDN'T BRING A CAMERA UGHGUH. Almost all of my friends are younger than me but when it comes to internet friends evERYONE IS OLDER THAN ME except maybe like. 1 person. Maybe? I'm assuming those young people are those super smart kids that skip everything. //cri pls let that time be soon

OOOOOH DOES THIS MEAN...ZE3 PLEASE PLEASE...but I also need time to catch up w/ VLR I'm probably just gonna end up watching it instead //cries. I dunno that struggle, but I hope you have some fun out of honors band. MASS DESTRUCTION OOOH YEAH DUDUDADADA. Lol P4 Dancing All Night though a game about murder mysteries made into a dancing game. Fanmade P4 musICAL WHERE? Why'd it get shut down thouuugh cri. YEAH APPARENTLY IT'S HITLER I WAS LIKE WHAT? I think there's something behind it but idk. I like it how it says it's not intended to portray real people though. Is there a main story or is it all just separate character stories in P4A/P4AU? I might just get a PS3 now since it's cheaper and P5 is coming to it.

Me too //cries PQ is taking forever to me I dON'T LIKE THE 4TH LAB. SCHEME I DON'T WANNA DO THIS HOLY FLAME THING JUST KILL MEEE. Yee. 3 actual days to beat the game. I don't like timed games though since I like to explore and savor da game. I'D STILL DO IT IF I CAN FIND A CARDBOARD AKI/LIGHTNING. But omgg I remember seeing this pixel Lightning at Anime Expo idk if it was for sale though and it was only up to her waist. I think I saw Ike too huehue. I can't handle this inflation anymore and Gaia's really becoming pay to play //sobsss AND I JUST NOTICED THAT YOU HAVE THE PERSONA ITEM DKLAJGKFGKRJG GOOD JOB. //continues being a peasant. OHOHO SOUYO. Oh the clouds were actually colored that way so I don't think it's changeable, but meep I'll just stick to this for now.

I think you go to add funds or something for paypal it's 30 dollas I think, I got the physical copy though. Lol I'm late onto the Persona fandom so Idk anything about the VAs //more sobbing

Oh yeah did you hear that the Durarara! characters are gonna be Spotpass DLC as demons for DeSu 2 emotion_awesome for some reason Atlus made the video unlisted though.
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Report | 01/07/2015 10:31 pm

Kurusu Akira

I doubt it, I live in the poor area of Cali lol //cries I duN LIKE IT HERERERERE. Yee. Most of the Asians hang out w/ each other in my school then there's me. Oh ohohoh Tennessee I never know what goes on in the other half of America what am I saying I never know what's going on at all. I think my friend is joining for mechanisms or something I dun remember fwoo. Wowow your dad's an engineer me too manee. My dad's a satellite engineer though whydidInotgethismathskills//sobs. There were tons of people and we got lost b/c we're short people wehh and yeah...there were...lots of those people. And inappropriate figmas everywhere w h y. YEYE YOU CAN DO THIS I BELIEVE IN YOU. MFPGHPDF SAME HERE. ALL OF MY INTERNET FRIENDS ARE IN COLLEGE/GOING TO COLLEGE AND I'M LIKE WEEEHHH WHYYY I'M JUST THAT PERSON TRAPPED IN HS. Maybe someday I will make a kouhai friend...someday...

oH REALLY? pls b trueee

I haven't played it since like last week uuuuuuu I'll probably start playing it again on Saturday b/c school ew ugh. bUT YAAAS GROOVY PURSE OWNER MUSIC. I wanna play Kimi no Kioku on piano, but I suck ahhahahahhahahah why. Huehuehuehuehuehue I love it how Yosuke's one of the first people to pop in when Yu's about to redo the marriage though. Did you see the Yu/Teddie one though it's so cute omg. I can totes see Kanji in a dress and Naoto in a tux though. Oooooh I think one of my friends has that on her PSP. ThAT FINAL BOSS THO. I love the Mt. Katatsumuri theme though. I haven't even started on the P4G or even watched the P4AU story modes (I tried to watch Aki's but the person skipped all of the thought text and I just. Couldn'ttt) hsjrtoehjbhet. Waitwhat'sSuperIzanagithough?

Saaaaaaame she's so prettyyy //sobs I love both of dem ships and latnengngngn. NO STOP MY LIGHTNING FARRON FEELS. Yeeeah it does there's like 13 days or something and the sidequests and stuff like that I think you can extend your time by doing certain things though that's all I know about it rnnn I'm gonna go to my friend's house on Fri and play it there hueheuueu. oH WELL AT LEAST IT'S NOT LIKE MAJORA'S MASK WITH 3 DAYS IN REAL TIME. lol same I sat on my glasses once whyy. Psst, just buy cardboard cutouts. I'll take an Akihiko one to prom EHEHEH. Omg same man fictional men be too good to be real appearance-wise and personality-wise uGH. Actually I got it for free since they were having this free thingy in Dec. //sweats I'm not good at offering either since the economy on Gaia keeps increasing and decreasing and I guess it might depend on what you want? I kinda wish I chose a darker theme ;w;. I know I mean he's a boxer bUT HE BECAME SUPER RIPPED IN 3 YEARS LIKE??? HOW? and dat stubble tho.

HHhhhh I suffer w/ this blindness for lifeee. Same, I only buy stuff on eShop if the game I tried to get is sold out or I check for sales. TOO MANY VA SWAPS. I think Naoto got changed like 3 times I don't remember.

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Report | 01/06/2015 9:00 pm

Kurusu Akira

Sh hshshhshsh it's ok school has been murdering me since yesterday. It feels like my hw has multiplied by 2 and I have no motivation to start. _(:3 」∠)_
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Report | 01/05/2015 9:58 pm

Kurusu Akira

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Report | 01/05/2015 9:51 pm

Kurusu Akira

What the heck my comment got cut off whyy
but the gameplay is both Professor Layton and Ace Attorney. And it has some 999 similarities huehue.
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