Hi there! I'm Serena. Here's some stuff about me:
-I am Cambodian, Thai, and Chinese, but Cambodian is all I can kind of speak
-I like the color orange, but I'm not too picky with colors
-I'd have to say pigs and pandas are my favorite animals
-I strongly think that I am a perfectionist
-I believe Katekyo Hitman Reborn is the best MANGA. (Maybe the anime if it was actually finished)
-Kpop is very nice so yessir I am a Monbebe because I love Monsta x so so much
-Jpop occasionally
-I play tennis as a hobby
-I used to draw avi art
-I can be funny sometimes
Yeahhhh, I don't have much else to say.. I admit, I am a pretty boring person. I am sorry that I have wasted your time xD

Two Special Hacks.
SERENAAAAAAAA Its nevaehh hacking youu!!!
OMG this chick is juss so awesome like if yu upset her ill fkin punch yu in the bloody face& Yes im from london & it aint about me so sftu
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Were like the bestest ppl ever well she better thn me actually, OMG she like so cute i saw her pics aww she adorablee mayn yu cant hate this chick there nuthin to hate about her & she never rudeeee my gosh she so calm she as calm as a cake sittin on its plate okay maybe not tht calm sometimes but she is veryy nice to everyonee, SHE CANT STAND FAKES & HACKERS SO DNT TRY IT BICHH O: try hacking her & ill snap yur fkin neck & ill find where yu live ohh & xDDD ikno how to hack ppl so all yur shyt will disappear.
Shes been hacked before & learned tht yu dnt need to be rich to have frends so to all yu shallow bastards go hard or go home actually go fkin do one! She dnt cause drama so tell her anythin yu like Nuthin rude tho bich > Im like her guardian angel & wen someone fks about or upsets her then its mine & yur fightt

ITEE enoughh typinn for 1 daayy Loveyouuu serena!Nevaeh~ x-CookieeTroublee

OMG OMG HACKEDD BY YO GURL EXO~~! mwuahhaha nice profile bby c: soooo like i dunno where to start .okie okie so like i remember you from being at Hong's house omg you and your sister are so weird xD * i wanna be the very best no one has um...* .... okay anywaysss remember i would always ask to sleep over but my mom would always say no. the struggles was REAL Dx oh~!!!! i forgotttt were anime freaks ;D the last time i saw you was at Temple and omgggg we talked about animes the whole time xDD super fun oink~ fairy tailll ahhhh~!!! have you seen the new fairy tail doe o; ERZA ALMOST FACKING DIESSS and that picture doeeee... YOU WILL NEVA GET A PIC mwauahahahahahah c: (unless im like hella bored then maybe) we should like so hangout now . OMG we should go to the mall and like do the most manly laugh behind people that would be hella fun ~~!!! anywayssss see you later my lovely pikachuuu <333