Hallo! I'm Cruise but you all can call me NEKO-CHAN! n.n
I'm very hyperactive and free, as a kittten should be,...right?
Any-whoooo....I was born in a science lab 16 years ago in south Florida.
Yes, yessss I am a test tube baby! How else do you explain the cat qualities and over-optimism? I have no parents but I live with an old lady maned Connie.((she's a little strange))
Oh! And one more tinsy thing, I'm head-over hills in love with -this guy- ((name shall not be mention for respect and caution)) who is totally head-over hills in love with someone else, whoooo doesn't even love him in return.
Irony, It's a curse, isn't it?

I like random PMs and KISSES!
Generous doners of kisses will be appreciated.
P.S. I think I'm american. But I love anime and the Japanese culture so I may spew out random words in Japanese.


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A Moonlit Flower

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A Moonlit Flower

*MWAH!* Make that 10, Neko! =(^ . ^)= mrow

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kiss for deh neko~


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