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call me whatever you want =) i like nicknames.
my favorite colors are hot pink and sky blue. In the future I'll probably end up with a hot pink motorcycle and a husky (saving for the husky now). I am currently trying to become a lawyer and am no where close to starting law school yet. I currently live in colorado! Just moved here and it is awesome! I have a wonderful husband and currently volunteer at the local spca.
academic goals if i opt to have no life:
[] associates degree
[] paralegal certificate
[] bachelors at fort collin's in biology
[] law degree
[] patent law
[] masters in biology
[] phd in biology

most people think im crazy because they don't know that a science and law background makes bank when you apply both to the same career ;) also considering physics.

hobbies: figure skating, painting, web design, and hopefully car restorations! i want to buy a beat up car and fix it up to be awesome. under lights, v8, and i want to do what my dad did. he put a button on the dash that allows for water propulsion on passerbys.
"I come with a warning label." -Tyger