Hiya. My name, obviously is Kisarra whee , some of my friends call me Kisa or Kira tho so feel free to do so 3nodding . I've been on Gaia for some time but I could always use more friends! So send me a pm if your ever board! And if your reading my profile chances are your very board xp so what are ya waitin for? Fav. things I like to do: dance, draw manga, horseback ride, watch movies, hang out with my friends, and listen to music. To find out more about me, well just ask me! biggrin


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Kisa's (Kisarra) Journal

What I'm thinking and feeling on a day to day basis, enjoy ^_^!


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Angelius Demon

Report | 07/16/2006 8:38 pm

Angelius Demon

oh well send a comment to me b/c I don't which one is you b/c I have 3400 friends, XP
Angelius Demon

Report | 07/15/2006 7:40 pm

Angelius Demon

haha its ok and I'm more into to myspace also

Add me: www.myspace.com/PATONC4

Report | 12/18/2005 4:40 pm


First to comment! Yay-ya! Lol Nice er what are they called again...grunnies? IDK sweatdrop You da fox Kisa! See you at the Guild! I need a drink so you better hurry up bar keep! wink


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