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So you want to get to know me do you?
Hoshigaki Kisame is my name, S-Class Missing-nin.
I was born March 18th in The Land of Water and am now around 32 years old. I'm 6'4" blood type AB.
I wear a ring on my left ring finger but I am not married.
*laughs and rubs the back of head*
It is a symbol of the organization I belong to. The character on the ring 南 means South.
Previously I was affiliated with Kirigakure and The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.
Now I am a senior member of an organization called Akatsuki and my partner is Uchiha Itachi.
The big sword on my back is Samehada, she will not only cut you to ribbons she will devour your chakra, so beware my reach.
My primary nature type is Water my secondary is Earth.
I graduated from the Academy when I was 10 years old. Yes I survived the trial of the bloody mist.
Hobby? It's is taking care of my sword, Samehada, of course.
Completed 332 official missions in total: 3 D-rank, 68 C-rank, 154 B-rank, 78 A-rank, 29 S-rank.
If you want to feed me my favorite foods are shrimp and crab, but please no shark fin soup.

What do I seek? ....the truth.