Current: [ Satsuki Kiryuuin (Kill la Kill) ]
Main Cosplays: [ Satsuki Kiryuuin, Ryuuko Matoi, Asuka Langley, Kirito, Ken Kaneki &Trainer Gold ]

Profile Song: 도영 X 세정 (Doyoung x Sejeong) / '별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom)'


Hello! I like to be referred to as Zero, Kiryuuin, or by the name of my current cosplay. I am a tall 22 year old Asian male that is applying for medical school. For those who are really curious, I am already in love with a girl named Momo Hirai. If you want to know more about me, please consider in actually talking to me.

『Personal Facts』

- Late '07 - Mid '08 Gaian
- I cosplay too much on this site
- Fashion, shoes, & cosmetics/skincare <3
- Traits: Sarcastic, Sassy, Blunt, Rational, Friendly, Perfectionist
- Otaku
- Hardcore ONCE (TWICE Fan)
- Kpop/K-indie, Jpop, Jrock/Visual Kei, Classical, Jazz, & RnB/Soul
- PC gamer (Ask for Blizzard ID & Steam)
- Competitive Pokémon trainer/breeder (Ask for 3DS friendcode)
- Known Languages: English+Korean+Japanese+Vietnamese+French+Spanish