Stalk Comments

A childs real fear is when the strings breaks to their kite,
And their forced to watch it just blow away...

I live under your bed.
I'm 14.
My name's Kat.
I am a furry!
I "believe I am more animal like that human".(Not gay, nor do i has fetish
I Role-Play.

I am married to Ghostie the Kitten.
NO, it's not real, we're just friends.
NO, i am not gay/bisexual.
DON'T, mess with her! Why?
She's ben snapping necks and dicapitating people since she was 7.

I don't belive in "sanity" or "insanity".
How do we know the definition, we don't know whose normal or not.
I think extraordinary is a weird word because it's spelt "EXTRA-ordinary."
Tagging/Graffiti is art.
And it's self-expression.

I am currently addicted to coffee.
It's a warm, liquid drug.
I tend to use "dude, man, tottally, betchh and like" often in sentences.
I am a vegetarian.
I will eat a meatless taco.
I live in New York, with my Aunt and Uncle

I love Superman, Batman, Hoodies, hiding, converse, ghost adventures, books, skinny jeans, screamo, band ts, winter, soft breezes, simple things, and golden apples
I am a Christian.
I'll befriend you, just don't shove you're beliefs in my face.
That's not cool, man.

I hate it when white guys act black, P30pL3 wH0 TaLk lYk3 d!$, languages I can't understand, Sailor Moon (i'm sorry), Fake Santa CLauses, Long-a** lunch lines, pinkys, and Dr. Phil.