I am Exactly what you think I am.

Welcome to my profile, visitor. :]

My name is Kirimasu, or as most people know me, Kiri. I'll be 21 in less than a monthI just turned 24, (ugh, no longer young and beautiful.) and I live in a tiny corner of Asia known as Singapore.

I don't know what I do on Gaia anymore. I should move on. XDDD
But I love my guildees and art, and Towns, and Roleplaying sometimes. So I stay.

My hobbies in real life include cosplaying, I'm a subculturist, so I live, eat and breathe japanese fashion and culture. I've become a designer now, and lost my life in the process. But I'm still no richer than before. lol So if you find it in your heart to, I don't know.. You could donate me clothes or something, or maybe pay for a lapdance or two. xD

Also, I'm aware that whatever I've just typed is probably a huge chunk of attention consuming crap, but I doubt you'll actually find out much more by looking through my profile over and over again. Therefore, I suggest you pm me if you want to dig up anything else.

Good day. <: