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I love to draw and read.
I mostly draw, or attempt, to draw anime style people and/or animals.
Some of my fave books are by Micheal Chricton, Darren Shan, and Stephanie Meyer.

I am in highschool, do not have a car, ride my bike EVERYWERE, and have 3 best-friends outside of Gaia. I have many other friends scattered around the globe and on the internet.

If I'm able to figure out how to put my pic's on here, I will.

I love to get wierd and random things in the mail and as comments.

I can't wait for 9 to come out on 9/9/09.
5 is my glompable, you cannot take him from me!

Inside My Box of Randomness (Comments)

Universal Element

Opening Paragraph
Falling, and the knowlage that I can't turn back. The water comes closer, the wind whisling past me shows that I am still whole.
Where did the light go? Where is the lake? Where are the cliffs? All I can see is this darkness.
Wait.. What's that?
My body? Yes... But it looks odd. My hair is purple... and it looks like.. Yarn? What's this mark on my face?
Also... Why am I looking at myself?!
I can see a bright light. It must be heaven! I try moving towards it but I can't move.
Thats when I notice- It's me that's glowing. I'm still myself, dressed in my pink top and blue jeans, but I'm glowing!
"Where am I?" I call out, but I can't even hear myself.
All of a sudden I'm being lifted up. I can see the odd version of my body closer now.
The chest of the odd body is open, but instead of organs.. It's all black! Whatever was lifting me, it's trying to put me into the darkness!
"No!" I scream, louder than I ever had, but still no sound came to my ears.
Red Enjoi Panda

My bro,
Disgusting. -->

I'm also in a course of writing a book called Universal Element.