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Cecilia Reyez Report | 08/12/2013 9:30 am
Cecilia Reyez
3nodding Happy Birthday! 3nodding
Jtizzle54 Report | 11/27/2010 9:28 pm
you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!
J Fawkes Report | 08/15/2010 10:39 pm
J Fawkes
you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!
iiRed-x Report | 07/16/2010 2:56 am
((Im baaaaaack. ))
Cecilia Reyez Report | 07/05/2010 1:11 pm
Cecilia Reyez
(( 3nodding Hi! You don't know me redface I just thought I'd let you know. There's some postings to something you posted at the Sanctuary. Could you respond whenever you get a chance please? thanks. 3nodding ))
FuriousStyles Report | 06/29/2010 7:31 pm
I just posted the thread but you can go and get acquainted with other guild members if you like.
FuriousStyles Report | 06/29/2010 6:55 pm
Just join in the Secret Sanctuary thread I will be making soon
FuriousStyles Report | 06/29/2010 6:42 pm
Welcome Back Blitz!
FuriousStyles Report | 06/29/2010 6:34 pm
So you are ready to return to duty??
FuriousStyles Report | 06/29/2010 6:28 pm
What do You need to know, as there is so much going on. Best way to catch up is to read all the RP's in the VS. guild. However I am about to start an R P thread there now.


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Name: Unknown
Codename: Blitz
Age: 34
Eye Color: Dark Green
Blood Type: AB -

Powers/Abilities/Special skills: Marksmanship, Technological Assets, Intelligence, CQC, Stealth, Organization, Fire Power

Weaknesses: Dogs, Thermal Imaging, Smoke, Working with Recruits, Sand, Technological Malfunctions, Money

Origin: Little is known about Operative Codename Blitz. His past is shrouded in mystery of his beginnings. He, however, has a rather large career profile in Military Contracting. He has been recruited into various different PMCs and fluctuated between whoever offered the most pay. Recently however, Operative Blitz for some reason stopped PMC activity and cut most ties. He currently works Freelancing jobs.
Blitz is armed with a large array of weaponry at his disposal acquired from his prolonged military service.


The Standard Loadout is an all around suit primarily based around Armor and technological abilities. This makes up for the lack of raw firepower with technological assets, making this Loadout very adaptable.

Composite Cybernetic Body Armor Suit – Capable of withstanding light-arms fire for small periods of time. Includes iHUD system within helmet, Metal gauntlets, and lightweight composite Leg armor.

Advanced Communications System – Capable of reaching contacts anywhere on the planet with ease.

Interactive Heads Up Display (iHUD) – Used for identifying targets, altering Suit conditions, relaying information to different contacts, etc. Based around a computer system from within the Helmet. Includes High-tec visor allowing for 3 vision modes: ENV, Binocular, and Standard Vision.

Custom Combat Sling – Slightly ripped and torn, this functional vest gives dark color to the Loadout for enhanced camouflage and storage of light auxiliary supplies.

Experimental Load-Bearing Speed Boots – Experimental leg gear designed to assist in carrying large loads as well as to initiate a boost in speed when certain amounts of weight are removed from the Loadout.

Light Survival Pack – Contains food, water, and some medical supplies, along with a parachute. Stored in an inner compartment of the suit near the stomach.

Body Suit – Worn under Suit Armor; designed to keep in body heat.

M16A4 Assault Rifle – Fresh off of US Military Production lines, this State of the Art weapon is tried and true boasting great stopping power and accuracy. Equiped with an ACOG Scope and Fore Grip, this is often Blitz’s assault weapon of choice.

M2 Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle – Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher equipped with HEAT Munitions.

Shoulder Mounted Mini-Rocket Launcher – Capacity of two light-explosive rockets, used for anti-personnel roles.

Smoke Grenades – Good for obscuring enemy optics as well as fast extraction.

The FirePower loadout is simply an adaptable suit used for specialized weapons. Easily what it lacks in armor and protection, it makes up for very much so in FirePower (as the name suggests). Rockets, Machine-Guns, Railguns, Rifles, you name it. Most if not every weapon in Blitz’s stock can be used to work with the Suit.
To help balance the weight from weapons, this Suit has minimal defensive capabilities, often restricted to a Kevlar vest, Helmet, and other light equipment. However, due to limitations in the design, few heavy weapons may be carried at once. For that reason, this loadout is often restricted for distinct roles.

Special Operation
When the mission requires Precision, Stealth, and Accuracy, this is Blitz’s loadout of choice. Using an array of silenced weapons, tracking technology, and camouflage, this is easily the Load out to choose for outwitting your opponent.

Multi-Purpose Body Suit – This suit is used for a variety of purposes. Able to use different Camo patterns, it can blend in with its environment with ease. Also does not show up on Thermal Optics, making it excellent for taking on enemies with thermal-enhanced vision.

ENVG Optics – These high performance night-vision goggles highlight heat signatures and makes Night Missions in the dark much more manageable.

CNBC Mask – This mask provides the wearer protection from Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and nuclear threats for limited periods of time.

Light Weight Tactical Vest – This Vest lacks much in protection, but makes up in versatility. Capable of carrying an array of light equipment.

Mk.23 USSOCOM .45 ACP Silenced – This powerful and accurate handgun is a favorite of Special Forces worldwide. Boasting the Powerful .45 ACP round, this weapon is great for subduing lightly armored personnel. In the hands of a skilled gun slinger, a pistol like this could be used for just about anything.

MP5SD3 – A silenced Sub-Machine gun. Great for eliminating targets at close range while still keeping quiet.

M14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) – A designated Marksman rifle used for engaging long range targets. Able to equip a Suppressor, high powered scope, laser sight, and other attachments truly makes it an adaptable Marksman rifle.


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