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Birthday: 11/11/1993

Occupation: having fun

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Random Facts About Maili:
1.I tend to take showers in the middle of the night.
2.I have 2 names, Maili is my asain name, Anne is my american name,
on my Birth certificate though it's my middle name.
3.I have a late birthday, in November.
4.For the school year of 07-2008, I'm a Freshman.
5.My friends mean a lot to me.
6.I get English and Baby talk accents.
7.I can be very Dislexic.
8.My phone is half broken.
9.I can get confused easily sometimes.
10.I was born in California, but i now live in Washington. >.<
11.I Love to sing even if i'm not that great at it.
12.I like to whistle and hum.
13.I listen to a variety of music types.
14.I'm Neurotic and Insecure. =]
15.I have a trust issue.
16.I can be very shy and self-conscious.
17.I do watch Anime.
18.I'm a Spontaneous Nerd. c:
19.My birthday is November 11th, Veterans Day.
20.I don't really care about my birthday.
21.I'm short.
22.I'm always thinking about something, someone, sometime.
23.I try not to judge people, so try not to judge me please.
24.I'm not emo, prep, punk, goth, jock, or anything. I'm me.
25.I'm the short Asian chick. =] Lol
26.I'm bored and will be back later? Lol =]

it would be pretty cool if my avi looked like this
donatins are awesome by the way! lol!

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Sparkling Eyes Clown Makeup
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ctn old Report | 12/14/2008 6:09 am
If you are ever online anymore...

I have a new account ^.^

Kurisuu-kun is the name User Image
krobnar Report | 09/15/2008 8:30 am
lol whats the look for?
krobnar Report | 08/05/2008 3:50 am
someone stole my most valuable items

other than that, not much, im just going through the welcoming process on my ship....its pretty boring
VinceXenos Report | 07/25/2008 2:25 pm
ello wats up
krobnar Report | 07/10/2008 11:01 am
EEEYYY YUUUU.....wasup?

we dont talk anymore
neee123 Report | 05/16/2008 7:47 pm
same...are you going to the prom?
neee123 Report | 05/08/2008 3:48 pm
whats up?
VinceXenos Report | 04/24/2008 4:47 pm
ahola neko
neee123 Report | 04/19/2008 7:05 pm
Heyy! whats up?
neee123 Report | 04/10/2008 4:11 pm
lmao! im soo happy right now! because my teacher always gives me homework but not today!


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