Oh Lord, I haven't updated this thing in ages. But, since I like to come back and read what seventeen year old me wrote all those years ago, I'mma keep the old stuff for it's nostalgic value.

To keep this short and sweet (and so you can get straight into the hilariousness of my seventeen year old mind), I shall keep sum myself up in a few words and you'll have to ask me if you want to know more. Ahem, so here we go;


Great, not here's my old about me section from three years ago. =3

- - - - - - - - -

About me?

Well, to make life easier for me, I shall create a list of the most awesomess stuff.... Yeah. That was pathetic.

-Well, as previously stated, I'm slightly pathetic...
-I am a book worm. AND PROUD!
-Art is my life... Along with music.
-Sweeney Todd, Phantom of the Opera, V for Vendetta and Mama mia are my all time favorite movies.
-I still watch pokemon.
-I happen to be seventeen. (Well, I was when I wrote this. I'm nineteen now.)
-I graduated in 2009.
-I rarely use chat speak... It annoys me.
-I like to make up my own words.
- I love cows!
-French fries are the most amazing food in all existence.
-Tomatoes aren't. Bleh.
-I will one day be known as the Empress of Cattle. It's prophisized.
-I have horrible spelling... And is a little too lazy to use spell check. Sue me.
-Wolves are cute, and would be my favorite animal if it wasn't such a popular thing to like.
-I like to be different.
-But hate to stand out in a crowd.
-Did I mention of love reading?
- And drawing...
-And singing... Though I sound like a seagull dying on the side of the street.
-And dancing.... Only for fun.

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Hi it's Dietrich from the Crossroads RP. I am just familiarizing myself with all the RP members. I noticed you like Mamma Mia and Phantom of The Opera. My mom LOVES those movies along with Rent, Across the Universe and Moulin Rouge. You two would make great friends!

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I heart cows too!!!!!!

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you still in the rpg madam?

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i like the avatar and the profile layout!! heart heart heart heart
hope you like mindes heart

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Kid Aloha

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Kid Aloha

please don't forget about us <3
Elwyn 679

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Elwyn 679

want to be friends? it would make communicating bout the roleplay and such easier smile

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cool avi
Rocker Death Fairy

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Rocker Death Fairy

Hey there, long time no see.


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